12 Reasons why I love being British

Join Disaster Davis in celebrating all things British!

I can’t speak on behalf of everybody, but personally I’m rather proud of my heritage and absolutely adore being British. Sure, being born in New Zealand would have been the ultimate dream, but then again, Christmas would be utterly wrong on every level in the summer, so I guess I can let that slide. Continue reading to discover my sources of pride with the following fun tag.

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Most Worn Cosmetics Tag – Updated

If you are yet to have read my original version of the most worn cosmetics tag then please feel free to head on over to “10 Most Worn Cosmetics Tag”. Due to it being a long while since I last completed this particular post I felt that a lot would have changed with my usual make-up routine by now, I for one find it to be a rather interesting concept as to just how much has altered in that time.

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How Much is My Face Worth?

Hello fellow intelligent life-form!! Please excuse my eccentricity, I’m feeling a little flamboyant this evening, if you hadn’t already noticed. I had something totally different planned for today’s post, but you know, life kind of got in the way, Monday has crept up on me and I weren’t prepared in the slightest! I don’t want to rush a post, I like to give all posts my undivided time and attention, therefore after stumbling upon this lovely little idea elsewhere on the internet, I decided that tonight were the right time for a tag post! It’s been a while!

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Random Questions Tag

I’m aware that I’ve posted quite an amount of Q&A’s/Tag posts recently, I do hope they aren’t boring for you, although due to things being so crazily busy for me right now I figured that today would be a great time for another one. A good friend of mine tagged me in this on Facebook and what is a better way of completing it, than by blogging this rather than clogging up my Facebook news feed! I were intending for today to be a requested post regarding my recent weight loss, I’d rather give it a little more time though. I hope you will continue reading and get to know me a little more.

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Brew and Biscuits

Hey! I had originally planned something different for today’s post but because of some very big changes this week I’ve simply not had the time to commit to my posts, unfortunately. It would crush me to have to miss a post, therefore I thought I’d do a little tag post today enabling you to get to know me a little more. I’d been planning on doing this a little later in the month anyway, as I realised I have been blogging now for four months yet have given away very little about myself. I love to read other people’s get to know me tags, after reading a blog for a while you start to feel as though you know the person behind it therefore, it seems only right that you should actually get to know more about THEM rather than simply their favourite make-up brands etc. To learn the dirt on me, grab a brew and some biscuits, get comfortable and continue reading.

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


Hello there my beautiful, today I thought I’d continue the festivities and share with you a quick little Christmas Q&A tag! Lets get into it shall we? I hope you have your favourite festive tunes belting out whilst reading this, why not grab a yummy seasonal snack while you’re at it? I’m chomping down on a candy cane.

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