You scumbag you maggot you cheap lousy faggot…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well actually I tell a lie, because my favourite is Halloween, though if you’re anything like me then you’ll have Halloween on Christmas… I may need to remove these songs from my head as I’m becoming far too distracted with lyrics right now! Anyway, back to the main point – it’s officially Christmas! I were originally planning a decorations post for today but as is usual for me, I’ve procrastinated and I’m nowhere near being ready to deck the halls with boughs of Holly, though it doesn’t thwart me feeling jolly! So, how about a fun little Q&A instead?

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12 Reasons why I love being British

Join Disaster Davis in celebrating all things British!

I can’t speak on behalf of everybody, but personally I’m rather proud of my heritage and absolutely adore being British. Sure, being born in New Zealand would have been the ultimate dream, but then again, Christmas would be utterly wrong on every level in the summer, so I guess I can let that slide. Continue reading to discover my sources of pride with the following fun tag.

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12 Disaster Davis disclosures you didn’t know before

It’s been some time now since I last published a Q&A or tag post and with the recent gain in followers I thought it would be nice for you to get to know me a little better! So without further ado I took to Twitter to request your involvement and voila, this very post were born!

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10 Most Worn Cosmetics Tag

So I’ve been delving through the archives of many a beauty blogger and recently re-stumbled upon a cosmetics tag from the lovely Louise – Sprinkle Of Glitter! To some, a tag may seem like an easy way out of a ‘proper’ blog post, however many can be both enjoyable and informative and I feel this short but sweet piece also doubles up as a pretty nifty review of sorts taking into consideration these are my ‘most used’ cosmetic items of choice. Without further ado, lets commence!

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