Weight Loss the Leisurely Way

This post has been requested and I’ve been intending to write it for a considerable amount of time now. Please do bear in mind that this is a topic I’ve been asked to write about – therefore please don’t assume that I’m attempting to brag or show off, as that is absolutely not my aim at all! I’d say that the title is rather self explanatory ergo if you’re interested in learning more then please do continue reading.

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Recalling Resolutions

Hello m’darling, as it’s ‘Motivational Monday’ here on the blog and it’s a few weeks into 2016 I thought now would be a good time to check in with the elusive new years resolutions. If you would like to familiarise yourself with my previous resolutions post of which I published on new years eve, then here it is: “Reach your Resolutions!”. Surprisingly, I’ve got off to a really good start.

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Defeating Depression & Attacking Anxiety!

The pace at which your heart usually beats has accelerated at lightening speed and the rhythm is rather irregular, the tightness forming in your chest becomes to feel as though an elephant is sitting on it. You feel hot yet cold at the same time and are sweating, you begin to experience pins and needles in your extremities and/or they’re throbbing. You have lost focus and all sense of realism by this point and the walls have started closing in. Claustrophobic, you realise a boa constrictor has a vice grip around your neck. Tight throat, dry mouth, struggling for air of which just won’t come, you panic even more, scared, feeling light headed and as though you’re going to faint, “Am I going to die? Am I having a heart attack?” Everything around you has faded in the absence of concentration yet your senses are on high alert. Everything is so loud and fast, smells are much more pungent and everything that you can feel is much more substantial. All the while, abhorrent thoughts are penetrating every new notion. Telling yourself that you’re a freak, weak, pathetic, an embarrassment and failure, “Why can’t I just be normal? Why am I so broken?”

This is more common than you probably think but is so frightening, disabling and lonely. Does this sound like you or somebody you love? If so then please read on to hopefully feel that you aren’t alone, pick up some new coping tricks or to learn about this and how to effectively help somebody who is feeling this way. Don’t disregard this as nothing – it could very well happen to you or a loved one someday. Actually, it most likely will.

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Cuddly Critter Care

If you’re a frequent visitor here then you’ll know that I published a post on rabbit care in October (if not, you can find that post here: ‘Hop To It!‘, it were proven helpful to some therefore thought it a good idea to publish another, this time for a smaller cuddly critter. Whilst hamsters are considerably easier to care for than rabbits, there are maybe still some things that people are unsure of regarding the correct care for their small friends. I have vast experience of owning both Syrian and Russian Dwarf breeds therefore feel I’m able to give adequate tips and advice where appropriate on this matter.

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