#BeautiesOnFire – Summer Lovin’

If you’re yet to have learned about the #BeautiesOnFire then please read my post “Introducing the Beauties On Fire!” additionally, catch up on the previous weeks classic beauty theme “#BeautiesOnFire – As heavenly as Hepburn?” Now you’ve done that, myself and the girls are back for week two, today is all about ‘Summer Style’.

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How Much is My Face Worth?

Hello fellow intelligent life-form!! Please excuse my eccentricity, I’m feeling a little flamboyant this evening, if you hadn’t already noticed. I had something totally different planned for today’s post, but you know, life kind of got in the way, Monday has crept up on me and I weren’t prepared in the slightest! I don’t want to rush a post, I like to give all posts my undivided time and attention, therefore after stumbling upon this lovely little idea elsewhere on the internet, I decided that tonight were the right time for a tag post! It’s been a while!

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Pub Lunch Mother/Daughter Date

After working for nineteen days without a day off and both myself and my Mom feeling really ill at different parts throughout, we figured it were only right that we have a treat after a doctors appointment today, therefore off we went to our local pub for some grub!

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Bag Essentials for a Night Out

I ventured out a little while ago to celebrate a friends birthday and there were a slight accident of which saw me bleeding and needing a prompt clean up. This has since then had me thinking about the absolute must haves to pop into a clutch before heading out on the town for a night. I felt that this would be an important matter of which to highlight when pondering must have emergency cosmetics supplies! I hope you will also enjoy viewing some photographs taken on the night and the accompanying OOTD/FOTD.

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