Focus on the ever famous Favourites – All about August

It’s been aeons since my previous monthly favourites post, since May, in fact! Due to this I am feeling rather pumped up about the notion of now sharing my current obsessions with you. Afterwards, why not check out my past favourites posts listed below?

2015 Favourites
January Favourites
February Favourites
March Favourites
April Favourites
May Favourites

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Stimulating shopping, spontaneity and perfect piercings

It’s been so long that I’m unable to recall when I last presented you with a haul post, so I’m bursting with excitement to publish this post today, especially as there’s also a situation of which threw in a little added euphoria for myself. So exactly what mischief have I been engaging in this time?

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Avons ‘More Matte than MAC’ Perfectly Matte Lipsticks

I’ve been eyeing up these lipsticks myself for a little while now, since seeing the advertisements plastered everywhere! Today I were able to review samples and if you, too, have been milling over the notion of getting your hands on them then you’ve come to the right place!

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Summer Lovin’

I’ve just spent two idyllic days in the sunshine with my beautiful best friend and adorable baby niece, after today I have my two days off from work and quite frankly I am entirely blissed out. Aside from the fact I’ve managed to misplace my bank card and in no way am able to treat myself, I’ve been indulging in a little internet browsing regardless. If you’re looking for some Summer cosmetics inspiration then you’ve come to the right place.

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Mini Asda Haul

This is expected to be another short and sweet post as my spending has been rather limited between being consistently underpaid by work and the fact that I’ve been on a shed hunt. I have however allowed myself a few things this month and I bet you could have a rather accurate guess at what may be included. too

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Sleek Product Reviews

Alrighty then, normality shall resume after the recent events and changes being nicely out of the way! However, if you haven’t already then please do feel free to head on over to my YouTube channel, I’ll be uploading again tomorrow! As for today I’m excited to be giving you a review on a small collection of products.

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