Baby Showers: 3 top tips to perfect party planning

Party planning of any kind can be an utter nightmare, but planning a baby shower pretty last minute when you’re the one who’s expecting? Yikes… Sounds like a whole lot of stress to me! I should know, as I’ve just done that exact thing myself and I’m delighted to be able to tell you that it need not be a huge traumatic ordeal, either!

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#BeautiesOnFire – Creatures of the Ocean

It’s time again for another #BeautiesOnFire post, you voted on Twitter and decided that our theme for May would be Ocean! Firstly, if you’re unsure as to what this whole #BeautiesOnFire thing is (where have you been hiding?) then please feel free to check out my introduction post below, additionally you may peruse this years themes.

Introducing the #BeautiesOnFire!
New Year, New Look
Changes in Progress!

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Crazy Collective Hauls – Technology, Fashion, Baby and More

It’s time for some shopping today! I have quite a mash up of things in this haul post as it’s indeed a collective which is including the past month or so. Some of the things, well most really, haven’t been bought by me either (thanks Mom, love you), because I’m just a spoilt princess like that, you see! I wanted to share these items too, regardless of this, because they’ve just gotten me far too giddy!

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Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

Earlier this week I mentioned my time being AWOL this year due to some tremendous changes in my personal life, that the blog would be getting another topic added and that I would soon let you in on this crazy and chaotic occurrence.. Well today is that day. A few friends in the blogging community are already aware but for the rest…

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Beauty Bingo #04 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy

It’s Beauty Bingo day with myself and AyR Galaxy and this month I’m publishing my post bang on time, lets celebrate that fact, woop woop! Today’s were especially exciting for me because I played around with a different palette! You’re going to have to continue reading though to find out which I used! 😉

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Beauty Bingo #03 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy

If you’re a regular reader then you’ve probably noticed my recent silence, apologies for that, life is throwing me one hell of a curve ball right now and my heart has simply not been in my blogging at all. Not to mention my camera had very kindly decided to perish, also! Using my phone to take blog photographs left me feeling extremely uninspired, therefore I chose to wait it out until I acquired a new beauty and here I am, with a very late March instalment of the monthly Beauty Bingo Challenge!

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