The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

On Tuesday I said I’d be posting twice today due to Monday’s blog post being late, so here is the second post for today and I thought I’d do a tag which incorporates learning a little more about myself whilst still on the subject of beauty! I found this at:

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Nailing It! – Mini Haul

Hello there! So today I have a few purchases to share with you all. My nails are in god awful condition, as pictured further below. They have zero strength, they’re probably just about as bendy as a piece of string and are constantly breaking or splitting. Of course it doesn’t help that I’m a notorious nail biter! Oops, my bad. I do try really hard not to and sometimes I do really well but I always return to the beginning of the cycle each time. Side note, if anybody wants to recommend something to help me not nibble then that would be amazing as nothing I’ve tried in the past has yet worked.

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Disaster Davis Strikes Again!!

Welcome all to my crazy little corner of the internet! You may call me Davis, I’m a twenty something year old from the not so sunny UK! I decided I’d jump into the realm of blogging amidst the insane amount of already really talented bloggers out there for a few reasons, such as;

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