Blogging Schedule

What’s happening and why?

Yippee a new page for me to play with, how exciting! Yes you’re indeed correct in thinking that this is a new addition to the blog, 50 points young Hufflepuff! After much deliberation I have decided to test drive a new blogging schedule for myself. For my long standing DD members (so close to DA, dammit, is it too late for a name change?) you’re probably used to the two posts weekly on a Monday and Thursday, then as the blog expanded it included the third Tuesday of every month as of this year, with the introduction of mine and AyR Galaxy’s ‘Beauty Bingo’. This is going to change, for now!

As you may be aware I’ve recently returned from a blogging hiatus, took the self hosted plunge and tried to really throw myself back in at full speed – not easy when you’re growing a tiny human inside you and have pretty much your entire life to set straight! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve still found it to be an extreme struggle sitting down and actually writing my content, having two to three posts a week doesn’t help with this and I’ve then been missing a lot of posts and feeling tonnes worse on myself for it… So. One weekly post, for the foreseeable, which is definitely going to include the transition from pregnant to being a new Mom when my little lady has made an appearance! You can find this months upload dates below, as due to different collaborations being for different days and such, the schedule is a little up and down based on the post!

April Blogging Schedule..

Monday 2nd
Monday 9th
Tuesday 17th
Thursday 26th – #BOF, will you be joining us?
Monday 30th