Budgets and Bargains, Cheap and Cheerful!

It doesn’t seem like it’s been very long since the last one, but I’m yet again coming at you with another haul post.. I seem to do nothing but spend, spend, spend recently, though lets face it… I’m really not complaining!

Wizarding Loot!

Hogwarts Crest Pumps
£8 – Primark
Originally I wanted some new pumps that I’d be able to drive in, the soles on these are quite thick though and so these won’t quite do it… But how could I resist even more Harry Potter stuff? Exactly, I couldn’t. These slip on and off easily and are really comfortable, winner.

Hedwig Backpack
Was £15, now £7 – Primark
This is easily the most adorable backpack I have ever encountered and has had it’s price marked down a lot, how could I not bring Hedwig home with me? Just look at him!

Hedwig Purse
£6 – Primark
Got to have the matching purse for the bag, haven’t you? It’s a cracking one at that, I’ve been using my Harry Potter coin purse for some time, but of course that leaves me lacking with where to keep my cards and notes – usually they’re bobbing around in the bottom of a bag and much harder to get to quickly when they’re needed, of which is an utter pain. Hedwig has a zipped off coin holder, card storage and a cash pocket, whilst managing to remain compact. Absolutely perfect!

Hedwig Pillow
£8 – Primark
Again – too cute not to, also, are you seeing a theme yet or is that just me? I may have a slight obsession for Hedwig and Primark is only helping that obsession along! This pillow is super soft and so cuddly, I love snuggling up with him to read a good book on an evening and my daughter keeps trying to steal him from me, so I take it that she approves, too! The only draw back I’d comment on with this, is that it’s not a pillow with a case.. So washing this will prove incredibly difficult due to the bulkiness and the fact it’s going to take approximately a million years to dry afterwards! Bit of a fail on Primark when taking into account the fact he’s white, too.. He’ll be dirty in minutes if not looked after well.

Marauders Map Poster
Was £3, scanning at £1 – Primark
Tucked away in a corner I noticed some posters, what do I happen to have on my bedroom walls? Yep, posters.. I’ve yet to acquire a magical one, however, so this were a must! There were three designs to choose from, the Marauder’s Map, a books, spells, and lessons list etc, and a Sirius Black Wanted poster. Originally I’d wanted Sirius, though sadly there were none left, no worries as I picked up the Marauders Map instead. The posters are supposed to be £3 each according to their ticket price in store, but at the till are scanning at £1 which is an even better bargain! You really can’t go wrong, I’m kind of gutted that I didn’t get the other one, too.

Harry Potter Jewellery Set
£5 – Primark
There are many of these doing the rounds at Primark in recent months, with different designs each time I pop by. This time I picked up a set with Dobby and the Knight Bus etc. There’s a necklace, bracelet and a few pairs of earrings in these sets and they’re a steal at a fiver.

Harry Potter Rings
£3 – Primark
I spotted some HP inspired rings this time, too. Of course, I had to have them, there’s five rings included with designs such as The Deathly Hallows, Harry’s scar etc, I have to say I find that pretty good as it works out at under £1 per ring.

Marauder’s Map Dressing Gown
£14 – Primark
There were two dressing gowns, this one and a Gryffindor one, being Hufflepuff I didn’t fancy the Griffindor one, though I have had Gryffindor items in the past due to my colour preferences, I don’t like to over do it. It happens I preferred this one, anyway. It’s white and grey, comes up higher than the knees, features a wizard point hood and includes two large sized pockets to each side of the front. The inside of the hood is fleece lined as are the cuffs of the arms and it’s so snuggly and warm it’s unreal! I’m 100% obsessed with this! Also another item my daughter likes to attempt to steal from me!

Hufflepuff Short PJs
£6 – Primark
Finally some Hufflepuff pride, woop woop! These are a nice pair of short PJs just in time for the warmer months, well, hopefully, this is the UK after all! They are of course in Hufflepuff colours, display the badger and also the main traits of a Hufflepuff student, pretty spot on PJs I’d say. Hurry up and get warmer now please!

Harry Trouble Quote Tee
£8 – Primark
I adore this because the quote is just SO me! I never go looking for trouble, but it honestly manages to somehow find me all the damn time, relentlessly! I really like the colour and material used for this as it’s quite floaty and cool. The little details help bring it to life, too, such as the lightning bolt detail to the T’s and the little footprints alongside the quote, cute!

Babies Hogwarts Outfit
£7 – Primark
So Primark really outdid themselves this time! I were sauntering around the babies section, as I always find myself doing now, no matter where I go, no matter the fact my daughter has WAY too many clothes already.. Anyway, I digress, I spotted this little gem! A maroon coloured long sleeved tee displaying the Hogwarts crest in gold, with grey leggings complete with little gold stars. A-FRICKIN’-DORABLE! Obviously this were a must have, like mother, like daughter.. Got to get those ‘twinning goals’ down!

Women’s Clothing

Dusty Pink Blazer
£24.99 – New Look
After spending my teen years being forced to wear a navy blue blazer as a part of my school uniform I developed a loathing for this particular item of clothing, I also never saw myself as suiting the whole look.. I’ve now surprised myself however and found myself taking to this dusty pink number, and I love it! It’s a smart addition to my wardrobe which I still wear casually in all fairness, it makes a nice change from my faux leather and hoodies! Plus, I get Student Discount with my NUS card at New Look, an added bonus! Note: the price listed is without discount.

Floral Crop
£12.99 – New Look
I love my crops and this were just super cute and really feminine, I feel like I deserve a treat, I’ve not bought ‘nice’ clothes for myself in such a long time, always hunting out those bargains! This time I just thought sod it and went with it, this particular one goes lovely with my blazer and will be incredibly welcomed for staying cool with in the Summer. This can be kept casual or for something a little more dressy, depending on what it’s paired with.

Hello Kitty Tee
£6 – Primark
It’s the first time I’ve spotted Hello Kitty in the licensed section of Primark and so I got rather excited, I’ve yet to own a Hello Kitty tee, instead of crops, so this were nessesary!

Polka Dot Cami
£4 – Primark
Another item which can be both casual and classy, I’m all about the playing with different vibes at the moment! Oh and yet again perfect for the upcoming warmer months! This is a pretty basic top but I loved the cross strap detailing and the off shoulder arms. Anything that has unique features and I’m all over it like a seagull scavenging for scraps!

Children’s Clothing

Bunny Summer Dress
£3.50 – Primark
This is absolutely adorable and I couldn’t resist picking this up to keep to the side for the summer months, purchasing it in the 9 – 12 months size. I love little girls clothes, they’re just the best!

£4 – Primark
Autumn needed a new swimsuit as she’s grown out of the two she already had, unfortunately without getting the chance to have worn them (I’m absolutely gutted by this), so, yeah. There were a couple but I found this to be the cutest, though I typically avoid blue for her whilst she’s still young, as all the ‘old dears’ love to call little girls little boys, when they’re CLEARLY girls. Though that’s another story entirely and one of many of my pet peeves. Lets hope I get the chance to take her swimming in the next three months so she gets wear out of this one!

Stationary & Miscellaneous

Expanding Organiser
£5 – Poundworld
This is becoming a godsend at the minute, I’m probably the worlds worst when it comes to sorting through my post in any decent amount of time and I’m getting sick of leaving it somewhere on the side for ages where it looks utterly unsightly – here’s where the organiser comes in. I can organise my post quickly into what it’s regarding, without having to take the time to file it away properly straight away, instead doing my paperwork in bulk when I have a sufficient amount of time going spare. All this requires of me is to drop it into a section, close it up and pop it under my desk all nice and neat!

To-Do Sheets
£1 – Poundworld
Anyone that knows me, knows that I love lists.. It’s basically a full blown obsession, I have lists for everything, no matter how small and ridiculous, I will list it, my to-do lists are all over the place on silly little bits of paper which go missing so easily, or I’ll put them in the middle of a notepad and still manage to lose them. These sheets are already laid out ready for the full week, so it’s ridiculously easy to see the days in front of me and what I have happening on those days, meaning that I can plan personal tasks or wants/to-dos around my bigger commitments, or ensure I get things done before an event etc. It’s honestly making life so much easier, and with a sheet per week this is going to last me forever!

Nestle Dairy Box (80 choccies)
£3.50 – Poundworld
I couldn’t fail to share this find, there’s 80 choccies in here so it’s a big dang box is this one, yet only costs £3.50?! That is absolutely insane! Of course I had to pick this one up, it’s a steal, a very yummy one at that!

Hair Care

Argan Oil Conditioner
£1 – Poundland
You may have seen this one already in my last haul post, I’m officially obsessed with it and so had to pick up more, like, four more at that… Nothing wrong with stocking up – is there?

Keratin Conditioner
£1 – Poundland
I’ve heard the word keratin thrown around SO much as being such a positive miracle for hair, so I thought I’d pick up a conditioner with it in to see if I like it more than or just as much as the argan oil one!

Children’s Miscellaneous

Child’s Pink Coat Hangers
£1 – Poundworld
There are ten in each pack and so this works out at 10p per hanger which I find to be pretty good – they’re cute, pink and helpful. I have a habit of asking to keep the hangers on the children’s clothing when in stores, but the issue with that is I manage to still not have enough, plus they’re so bulky and take up so much more space than what is necessary! These hangers are much thinner and so I’m able to fit a lot more into the wardrobe.

£3 – Poundworld
This is 50p cheaper than at places such as Asda and I’d ran out and would be getting more that day anyway so I picked up two, might as well huh? Calpol is literally a life saver with my daughter’s teething!

Snuffle Babe Vapour Rub
£2 – Poundworld
I’ve heard a lot about this being good for babies when they’re a little conjested, though I haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet as my daughter hasn’t had bad conjestion since I bought it, time will tell.

Children’s  Toys

Beatbo BowWow
Was £29.99, now £22.99 – Smyths Toys
My daughter absolutely adores her Beatbo and she loves dogs, so I knew I wanted to get this for her for her 1st birthday, without a doubt. As I’ve made a start on her birthday presents, I’ve of course picked this up. I have to say, I’m really impressed with Smyths Toys at the moment, I’ve found the prices to be really reasonable thus far!

Beanie Boos (Monkey and Flamingo)
£4.99 each – Smyths Toys
I got the flamingo for my daughter to have now, for being an incredibly good girl and the monkey has been put away for her birthday. I’ve started a collection of these for her and the collection is already growing rather rapidly with the other’s she already has. I love the Beanie Boos, I think their big eyes make them look so cute!

Cathy the Caterpillar
Was £5, now £3.75 – Poundworld
I thought this looked quite cute, it does a few different sensory things and it helps to get little ones mobile as it walks along the floor, Autumn already has a soft toy sensory caterpillar which she adores, so why not keep the little trend going.

Learn Pad Tablet
£4 – Poundworld
My little monkey has a full blown obsession for phones, constantly trying to steal anyone and everyone’s from them, of course, this isn’t great and so I got this for her, for her birthday. Though it’s aimed at children of a few years because of the phonics and such, I see absolutely no reason why my daughter can’t have it at one, she’ll learn what’s on it when she’s ready but until then she has a tablet to play with and can stop hijacking my phone and laptop!

Singing Giraffe
Was £8, now £6 – Asda
This were a present from Autumn’s Grandma (my Mom) just because and she loves it. There’s a bit of a giraffe theme due to both Autumn’s Grandma’s favourite animals being a giraffe! This one talks, sings and has long legs and arms which Autumn loves to pull and chew on.

Toy iPhone
£5 – Asda
Both my Mom and I really wanted to make sure Autumn got a toy phone and so this is one of her presents from Grandma which has been put away for her birthday. Surely she’ll leave our technology alone for sure, once she has her own ipad and phone?!


Cinema Light Box
Was £12, now £5 – Primark
I personally think this is a steal and I had to jump on the light box bandwagon like everybody else, there’s something that I just love about them, I’m not quite sure what it is exactly, but I just think they’re so pretty and a nice way of adding a personal touch to a room. The price cut can’t be sniffed at either! I will however need to make some of my own letters, too, as there just isn’t enough of some of them, though plenty were provided.

6×4 Led Photo Frame
£5 – Primark
This is on the same wavelength as the cinema light box, only in a photo frame version! I love the lights and that it stands out, I really can’t wait to get my bedroom more organised so that I can display this with a photo of my little lady, alongside my light box and all the other wonderful things I have stashed away right now.


Jojo Moyes – Still Me (Hardback)
Gill Sims – Why Mummy Drinks (Hardback)
Amanda Brook – The Bad Mother

All from Asda, Still Me is £10 and the others are £4.

If you’d like to know more about anything or see additional photos then please do let me know, is there anything you’d like to see more of in my haul posts? Oh and how could I almost forget, I’ve also welcomed another two little guys into the family – Dobby and Hedwig, my two stunning Russian Dwarf hamsters!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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  1. I am obsessed with the pink blazer you bought! Love how you paired it with the floral crop top. It makes a perfect spring look, it’d be really pretty with some white high waisted shorts.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, it really would! The blazer is so perfect for Spring, it’s light enough so you’re not melting but it keeps you warm enough when there’s a chill.. So happy with myself for getting it ha ha!

    1. Thank you lovely, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Oh it’s just the worst isn’t it? My little girl has had it especially hard today and has been such a nightmare because of it, sounds awful but I’m so thankful she’s in bed now!

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