Help Wanted: Share Your Skincare Secrets!

Bloggers and skincare enthusiasts are wanted big time for today’s post! Especially if you’ve experience in particular with potential allergies, face masks and know plenty about looking after the under eye area!

Okay so a few months back I used a face mask thinking nothing of it as I’ve used the mask in question previously. I still didn’t freak when I felt a burning sensation on the under eye area. I kept the mask on for the specified time before removing it and cleansing my face to remove any left over residue. I do have to add that I kept the product well away from my eye area in general, leaving ample space between the eyes and where I ceased application of the mask, I’d understand the situation as a whole had I not done this. I thought nothing more of it afterwards, that is until a few days later when it came to applying my make-up, feeling discomfort especially when applying product near to my right eye specifically.

The photos taken for use with this post aren’t at it’s worst and so aren’t doing it full justice, though you will notice there are visible differences in my under eye areas overall, such as the colour and texture of my skin. Whilst my left is it’s usual baggy, dark circled mess, the right is this and more, with flaky, irritated skin! It feels really dry and scratchy and applying make-up is a no-no, it simply won’t stay put, furthermore feels absolutely awful. It’s extremely hard to apply, uncomfortable to wear and an utter nightmare to remove because the area in question is so sensitive, it takes forever! I’m assuming this has happened due to some kind of reaction, though as I say I’ve used the mask before therefore seems odd that it would be any kind of allergy. It’s extremely rare that I suffer from any type of allergies or reactions to things, so those of you that do – does this seem about right for an allergy, also will this ever go away? The rash/reaction isn’t apparent on a daily basis, but I do notice it several times a week and it’s been this way for a few months now, since using the face mask.

My intention of this post really is to get some advice and recommendations, is there anything I should try out to get rid of it? Also whilst I’m at it, I have tonnes of laughter lines, it’s what happens when your whole family think they’re a comedic genius – any help with the ageing process would be happily received also, after all, I aren’t getting any younger! Finally – acne, it’s come back again since having my little girl, and it’s twisting my swede! HELP! I’d say my skin type is best described as combination, but can be quite dry in the Winter months!

Can you offer any expertise at all? I’d love to hear from you if so! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either pop me a comment below or catch me on any of my social media profiles. Honestly, you’re doing me a massive favour! Have you had this problem yourself? How long were you left in despair before solving the problem?!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

8 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Share Your Skincare Secrets!”

  1. I’d definitely encourage you to take a break from makeup to allow your skin time to heal and completely rid itself of the chemical. Stay consistent in washing both night and day, then using a moisturizer (particularly one with SPF during the day as it helps to prevent aging through sun light exposure). I hope that helps! Hope you get better!!

    1. I only wear make up on average around once every two weeks at the moment anyway, so I’d like to think I can get away with that.. I tried to gently exfoliate the area and that’s done absolutely nothing for it… It’s been months now since I used that face mask I’m starting to worry it’s never going to clear ha ha! One thing is for sure, I’m going to take much more care when selecting face masks in future! Will definitely try looking for a moisturiser with SPF, skincare really isn’t my forte at all. 😛 Thank you lovely, so do I. 🙁

  2. Ah! I’ve heard anything with snail in it works! I have these epic snail under the eye masks which rock and helps with hydration and elasticity!!


    1. Ooo, I’ve never heard of that and certainly would have never thought of it! Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely check some stuff out! 😀

  3. This winter, I got these little weird bumps on my chin and then on the undereye area of one side. My skin was so dry and flaky and irritated in those two spots. With my chin, I just used a ton of different hydrating products and oils, and once it would look less dry I had a couple lottle red bumps. I thought they may have been acne from using so many products that it really was overkill. I‘m cautious with my eye area and so it was slowly getting worse a little at a time. Just super flaky, dry, and with some ofthose bumps. I finally used a konjac sponge very lightly on the area (an exfoliating sponge) and the peeling skin just came right off! It may have been a little sensitive on its ownfor a day or two because a different layer of skin was right on top. I was really hesitant to use scrubs on my eye area, so the sponge worked well because it was so gentle and gave me control with where I was using it. The bumps seem to disappear on their own, although the ones on my eye area took a lot longer than on my chin. No idea what they were or what caused them, but I would recommend something like the sponge to help with the flaky skin to start (exfoliating may also help with texture, too!). You may be able to use a very soft washcloth instead. I also had a sample of a really thick, moisturizing anti-aging eye cream that helped keep the area moisturized (the Shiseido one, but the full size costs $60). In the past, I‘ve had problems where my skin is irritated when I apply makeup, but I think that it‘s irritated by another product like moisturizer or a primer (or by the two products not liking each other). I‘d had this problem for years (it stopped a while ago, though come to think of it) but I had tried this one primer at one point and my entire face burned when I put on foundation and concealer! I had to wash everything off because it hurt so much. And I hadn‘t had a problem when I first put on the primer, but it was the only new thing I had used. I‘ve never heard anyone else mention delayed reactions like this before. Hope this helps!

    1. I’m glad your problem cleared up! I’m definitely going to give gentle exfoliation a go, I’m really cautious with my eye area too, but yeah surely a soft sponge can’t be a bad thing for it! Thanks for the tip, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself actually, I’ve got a bit of an obsession with sponges, as weird as that sounds ha ha! It’s just so strange, I mean, it burned when I had the mask on but I thought nothing of it, I never have reactions to anything.. I’m just shocked that it’s still on going, like I thought it would have stopped bothering me by now.

    1. Thanks honey, I really hope it gets solved soon, it’s starting to really bug me.. I don’t tend to wear make-up much at all to start with, probably once or twice every two weeks.. Any make-up looks I put on here are often tied in with when I wear it anyway, or if it’s a crazier, less wearable look, simply for the purpose of this blog then I’ll take the make-up off after getting the pictures I want, anyway.

      I’ll definitely have a look at the products I use though, I barely use anything, I’m really lazy with my whole skincare routine (lol what routine?!) but I definitely think it’s about time I get one sorted out, especially with this going on. xx

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