Beauty Bingo #16 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy

Well this months Beauty Bingo gave me quite a large helping of stress, firstly due to me leaving it until last night before creating the corresponding make-up look, then when I’d come to the point at which I were about to do so, finding that I’d lost my coordinates that I’d picked out previously over a month ago! Nightmare! In any case, lets see how I did in the end shall we?

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Budgets and Bargains, Cheap and Cheerful!

It doesn’t seem like it’s been very long since the last one, but I’m yet again coming at you with another haul post.. I seem to do nothing but spend, spend, spend recently, though lets face it… I’m really not complaining!

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Help Wanted: Share Your Skincare Secrets!

Bloggers and skincare enthusiasts are wanted big time for today’s post! Especially if you’ve experience in particular with potential allergies, face masks and know plenty about looking after the under eye area!

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