Budgets and Bargains, Cheap and Cheerful!

It’s proving rather difficult to keep track of my purchases recently as I misplace receipts and some items get stored away for when they’re needed, then of course there’s also been gifts bought. I have however rounded up some of my most recent buys and hope that today’s post will be well received!

Harry Potter!

Harry Potter Double Bedding Set
£15 – Yorkshire Linen Co
I have yet to get this out of the packaging and onto my bed but I’m excited to do so! Up to this point my Harry Potter sets have all been in black and white, which of course gets a little boring after a while, this, like the others, is double sided, but… Drum roll please…. HAS SOME COLOUR IN IT! Wahoo.

Harry Potter Fleece Throw
£5 – Yorkshire Linen Co
This matches the duvet set perfectly and is a lovely throw, I am a little disappointed with how thin it is though, I were expecting it to be a little chunkier for the price… Especially since Primark have fleece throws in stock currently for £6 that are MUCH thicker and snug.

Harry Potter Coasters (House Set & Hogwarts Crest Set)
Were £4 per set, now £2 – Primark
If you haven’t got these coasters yet but have had your eye on them then I suggest you get them NOW! It’s likely that these are on their way out since they’re now on the reductions shelf for £2 per pack! It doesn’t seem like you get much, considering there’s only four coasters a pack and the original price were £4, but I have to hand it here to Primark, not only are they of course Harry Potter but they’re extremely thick too, they’ve been really well made in my opinion. Oh and, I love them! So does my Mom and she’s not even a Harry Potter fan, yet she’s proudly using the Ravenclaw coaster to show off her house pride!

Harry Potter House Bunting
£3 – Primark
Whilst some may be thinking, what would somebody want with bunting unless they’re having a party? Well, a few things, actually, personally mine is going up in my bedroom as added decor. When I opened this it were much longer than I had anticipated which has really pleased me, there’s all four Hogwarts houses included and they’re held together with a gold glittery ribbon. I’m really happy with this purchase.

Beauty/Hair Care

Pro Colour Plus Pastel Lilac Hair Dye
£1 – Poundland
I do indeed have blue hair currently, blue hair of which has faded so much and is rather green in places, or even a little blonde tinged due to the bleach used before the dye, but… What the hell?! I saw this lilac dye for a quid and well I decided that I couldn’t be bothered tonking around looking for a blue dye specifically, so I’m going to go a little crazy and see how this lilac turns out plonked on the top of my blue. This could be interesting. I’ve never been this reckless when it comes to my hair so for me this is a rather exciting situation. I of course got two of these because I have extremely long hair!

Argan Oil Conditioner
£1 – Poundland
Everyone raves about Argan Oil so much, there seems to be a lack of singular conditioner in my house and so I picked this up. I’ve never been too into using conditioners, unless it’s a two in one, now that I have bleached and coloured hair though I’m upping my game when it comes to looking after it and keeping it in good condition. I’m hoping to be impressed by this conditioner.


Letter Tray
£1 – Poundland
There isn’t much to be said about a letter tray really, other than it’s going to live on my desk and be a temporary dumping ground for all post I get that needs looking at but of which I have zero time for right there and then. The colour options were black, purple and pink. The black seemed a little too dark and dull and the pink would have clashed with my pumpkin decor therefore purple it were! I feel like it fits into my aesthetic a lot better, speaking of which keep an eye out for this blogs new look coming soon!

18 Month Diary
£1 – Poundland
I have a 2018 diary already but it’s much bigger and is set out with one day per page.. That’s not working fully for me. Whilst I love the diary itself and will still use it to detail when and where appointments and such are, I’m going to use this smaller 18 month diary for organising myself a little better. The whole week fits over a two page spread meaning I can see the whole week at a glance, perfect for when I’m figuring out when I’m busy and when I have time available to plan things. As it stands I have my own, my daughters and my Mom’s appointments and social commitments to fit into my week, I’ve the blog, theory test preparation and three courses on the go at once. There’s a tremendous amount of things going off in my life, not to mention loved ones being in and out of hospital etc. Understandably it’s ridiculously hard to keep on top of, even harder when I’m having to find a space on a regular basis in which I can fit in Autumn’s family from her Dad’s side, chaos! For £1 you can’t go wrong with this, it’s going to be my little go-to pop in my bag diary which will go everywhere with me! I’ve yet to have a good look in there, but have noticed there’s important dates, interesting dates and events around the world, conversion charts, a notes section and the usual such stuff. Pretty nifty little thing.

A4 Project Book
£1 – Poundland
I have one of these already but from elsewhere and for a ridiculously larger price tag! Since I use these to keep all of my blog stuff together and plan out posts etc, and my current one is running out, it made sense to grab a fresh one whilst I had the opportunity to do so! I love notebooks like these with the dividers already in because it just makes life so much simpler!

A6 Project Book
£1 – Poundland
I have one of these already of which I’ve just started, I use it to jot down things I need to remember, but not just a random brain dump kind of thing, instead it’s come in handy for my shopping list or tasks I need to tick off my list whilst out and about. This one is a much smaller version of the A4 one, and so fits nicely in my bag. If I get ideas for posts while I’m on the move I can also note these down in their own little section. Organisational bliss! Believe me it’s crucial when you’ve a head space as jumbled as mine!

Coloured Felt Tip Pens
£1 – Poundland
There’s nothing much to say, I’ve got back into using those adult colouring books again and whilst at the moment I’m using gel and ball pens, they’ll be running out soon and are much more costly. At least I get a nice variety of colours in this 35 piece pack.


Sleeping Bag
£13 – Asda Living
I love this! I really wanted to get Autumn another sleeping bag as at the moment she only has two and it can be a bit of a pain in the rear end with washing them regularly due to the fact they’re both white ones and so I’m stuffed when it comes to putting on a dark wash, I’m having to live in only white wash clothing at the moment, which is annoying… Very annoying. Not only that, but white is a little boring, so when I spotted this little beauty I had to have it and Autumn loves the bunnies on it so win win! Oh, and it’s a 2.5 tog!

I love Mummy Tee
£2 – Asda Living
So my daughter already has way too many clothes ready for 6-9 and 9-12 months, but this were adorable and at only £2 I couldn’t stop myself, what’s one more top when they’re so teeny and easy to fit in? Imagine me smirking whilst you read this.

Little Angels Nappies Size 3
£2.50 – Asda Living
This might seem like an odd thing to have included in my haul but I HAD to, because these are actually a little cheaper than I usually get them, not much, but still cheaper. These are of course Asda’s own brand nappies, and by the way I adore them (if you’d like a comparative post between Little Angels and Pampers raise your hand), but at my local Asda they’re priced at £2.77 whereas at the Asda Living located in Crown Point they’re £2.50 I’m kind of baffled as to why this is the case, but what the hell, I grabbed them while I were there and had to share this discovery. Every little helps after all!

Beatbo Ball
£16.97 – Asda Living
Autumn already has the Beatbo and adores it, so when I saw the Beatbo ball I had to get it with the intentions of storing it away for her birthday, though that weren’t the case as I popped it in her pram with her whilst wandering around the rest of the store and by then she wouldn’t be parted with it, not in the store or for the journey home.. So, it’s hers now. It’s safe to say she loves this one just as much and enjoys watching it roll around on the floor, I have to be really cautious when I play it for her however, because it’s unpredictable and rather heavy, I don’t want it hitting her head! It’s intended for babies a little older that are crawling and maybe starting to walk – hence why I were going to put it away for her birthday, though she loves watching it regardless. That’ll put her on until she’s big enough to chase it around of her own accord. The Beatbo ball is essentially a mini Beatbo, it sings and flashes colours etc, though of course doesn’t have the record feature and rolls rather than dances. It’s cute, I like it.

Mouse Shoes
Were £3.50 Now £1 – Primark
I had these shoes for my daughter in 0-3 but sadly she never got the chance to wear them as I were too busy always putting her in her more expensive Next shoes. I felt crushed about her never getting to wear these, so when I saw that Primark still have them and they’re on sale I thought sod it, I’m picking her up some in 6-9 and 9-12 months, after all for the price you really can’t go wrong, and I’d not yet got her any shoes for those age stages.

Bear High Tops
£3.50 – Primark
These are just the most adorable little things ever, they look so comfortable and it’s something a little more chilled and laid back to go out in instead of shoes which can seem a little more formal. Whilst the black mouse shoes will go with anything, they kind of don’t too in a way, nobody wants to always pair black with every outfit, it doesn’t always quite work – so here we are with these.

Tomme Tippee Feeding Bowls
£1 – Poundland
I have the feeling that I’ve got a full on bargain here as these two feeding bowls are Tommee Tippee, I’d bet that they’ve a much larger price tag elsewhere, so I had to have these ready for when Autumn starts to wean! There’s two bowls, they’re purple and have a star pattern on, pretty cute.

Spoons and Forks 6 pack
£1 – Poundland
With new feeding bowls I had to get forks and spoons, I picked up the purple, pink and white pack, though there were also blue themed variations.

Milk Teeth Toothpaste
£1 – Poundland
Autumn got her first toothbrush last week, but toothpaste were totally forgotten. She hasn’t yet cut her first tooth but definitely isn’t far off from doing so, it’s best to be prepared!


Red Checked Shirt Dress
£16 – Asda Living
I’ll be sure to share this and the other items of clothing on my Instagram account at some point in the near future. This is simply a long checked shirt dress, the material is rather cosy and the sleeves can be worn full length or rolled up, it also has little straps and buttons to hold the sleeves up with. I originally got this in a smaller size and had to take it back, because the cinched in detail under the bust is rigid, whereas it looks elasticated, therefore there’s no stretch. Had it not been for that the smaller size would have fit but not to worry, it’s just something to be aware of!

Purple Checked Shirt Dress
£14 – Asda Living
Another shirt dress, this time in purple. I’m loving these at the moment because they’re so easy for breastfeeding! Anything that has a button fastening down the front is prefect, these, shirts and blouses. I’m enjoying these because they’re comfortable, more dressed down and casual.

Heart Print Shirt
£12.50 – Asda Living
What did I just say about shirts being a love of mine alongside the shirt dresses? This is a pale pink shirt with black heart shapes in differing sizes placed all over the shop. It’s simple but so sweet and I love it for a more dressy and well put together look! After getting home my Mom actually declared that she were giving me the money for it to buy me on behalf of Autumn alongside my other Mother’s Day presents. My two favourite ladies are the best!


Marked – P.C & Kristin Cast
Down the Rabbit Hole – Holly Madison
Assortment of Children’s Books
All books £1 from Poundland.


Batteries AA & C
£1 Per Pack – Poundland
Parents everywhere will be nodding along with me here, batteries are an essential when you have kids, the amount of toys requiring about a million of them is insane! You can never have too many and they zap through your funds like crazy, so finding a four pack of C’s and eleven pack of AA’s meant I had to go wild and stock up.

Dairy Box
£2 – Poundland
So boxes of chocolates are £2 at the moment over at Poundland, I had to pick these up for myself whilst getting some Black Magic for my Mom at the same price. Yum, sweet indeed!

As always, if you’d like to know more about anything listed here then please don’t hesitate to ask, and as mentioned within the post I’m open to putting together a comparative nappies post so if you’d be interested in reading that then please do let me know! Have you got your eye on any of the above bargains?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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    1. Tell me about it, I’ve become obsessed with that place! I always go to the till expecting it to cost a small fortune to be told it’s not even come to £30 and I’m just standing there gobsmacked, I wander around putting everything into my basket because it’s so cheap and never bother to add it all up whilst I’m doing it so I’m just like… Really, are you sure ha ha?

    1. I will do! My niece, Amber, has been on at me for literally ten or more years to read The House of Night series, it’s safe to say I’m really excited about it! Although, I’ve managed to buy some more books since so who knows when I’ll get the chance to get started ha ha, oopsie!

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