Why you should be cherishing your Mother!

They feed, clothe, love, support and protect us. They teach us how to stand on our own two feet, pick us up when we fall, before we’re even here they love and nurture us, then go through absolute agony to bring us into the world. We’re their everything and they’re ours, or should be. Yet, they’re so much more even, than all of that. Previous to Mother’s Day on the 11th, I wanted to throw out some love to Mom’s everywhere!

Personally, whilst I do celebrate Mother’s Day, the notion does irk me a little because showering our Mom’s in love and appreciation is something we should all already be doing on a daily basis, anyway, not limited only to one day in the year. What are my plans this year? Now, if I told you, I’d have to kill you, furthermore my Mom will be reading this. She’ll be getting spoilt in some way, shape or form, though. This year will be my first official Mother’s Day, too. I have everything I could want already in my beautiful little girl. She gives me a purpose and reason to live. Whatever you’re doing, be sure to let your Mom know how loved she is, you don’t need to make yourself bankrupt – handmade gifts or simply spending some quality time together works just as well. I feel that there are too many out there of whom take their Mothers for granted, thinking that they’re invincible and will always be there, sadly that isn’t the case, it really is so important to cherish them whilst we have the opportunity to do so! Below is a little reminder of all that our Mother’s need to be skilled in, in order to have kept us all alive and well for so long…

* Cleaner
* Cook
* Nurse
* Personal Assistant
* Counsellor
* Carer
* Nutritionist
* Alarm Clock
* Comfort Blanket
* Food Source
* Personal Trainer
* Play Buddy
* Financial Advisor
* Bank
* Loan Shark
* Teacher
* Best Friend
* Both Parents
* Driver
* Butler
* Entertainer
* Servant
* Career’s Advisor
* Personal Shopper
* Events Organiser

I’m probably missing out a million and one things, they do so damn much and it never stops. No matter how little or big our babies are, let me tell you, they’re our whole universe. Us Mom’s have always and will always be there, a million jobs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no holidays or even sick leave. Our job is constant and is the hardest out there, yet also the most rewarding of all and we’d never dream of giving it up or trading it for something else. For many, we’re Mom and Dad. Be sure to cherish your Mom, she’s the only one you’ll get, won’t be here forever and sure as hell loves you more than anyone! Make her feel special not only on Mother’s Day but the year through, for each and all years to come.

Shout out to Lorraine Davis – Mom, you’re my absolute everything, along with Autumn. I always ensure that you know your worth to me, I intend on never giving up. Just know that I appreciate everything you ever have and continue to do for me. I would be nothing at all without you and never could I have even dreamt of a better Mom than you. You never fail to astound me with your loving nature. Autumn and I are so very lucky to have you in our lives, and I think you probably realise that she loves you more than words could say, too. You light up her little world, as you always have mine. Nothing makes me happier than witnessing the clear and incredibly strong bond between you both. Thank you for being a truly sensational mother and father, and thank you for being an amazing Grandma. We both love you beyond measure.

Autumn, you’re my life, my reason for being. Little do you know that you saved me. I have no idea how I got so lucky or what I did to deserve you. I have the best daughter, better than I could have ever imagined. You make me so proud, so happy and each day I fall deeper in love with you. It’s a privilege to call you my daughter and to have you in my life. I hope there will never be a time where I have to be without you. Without you none of this would have a point. Never leave me, princess. I’ll always do my absolute best to give you what you need and to make up for the failings of others. We have everything if we have each other my sweet little angel. Let there never be any doubt about the fact that you’re the centre of my universe. Thank you, for being you and for making me smile. I love you.

What are you waiting for? Go give your Mom some loving! Make the most of her, appreciate her for who she is and for all she does. We’re often underrated!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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  1. Such an awesome tribute to both Autumn and your mom! I’m sure when Autumn is able to read this and when your mom reads this it’ll be a moment worth capturing on camera. Beautiful!

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