My top 16 delights of Winter 2018

I really enjoy putting together a favourites post and I know it’s a widespread pleasure to read, too… With this in mind I’m going to make the conscious effort to once again produce these on a rather regular basis, with each passing Season. To find out what perked me up during the cold, long, Winter months, simply continue reading!



Make-Up Revolution London Pressed Highlighter – Ice Kiss
This first featured in my MURL Advent post earlier this month, although I hadn’t reviewed the products individually. You can be assured that this is definitely something of which I’m ecstatic over being included, it’s easily the best highlight I’ve found to this date! I like a highlight to have quite a cool undertone as I feel they stand out more, although them being too cool can wash me out and give me a grey look, luckily, this is just right. Only a little product is needed for an intense colour pay off, as can be expected from MURL. The brand in it’s entirety is cruelty free and this handy compact pot is perfect for on the go. Not that touch ups are required due to how long lasting it is!

P.S, Love Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
This one featured in my recent gift haul and has quickly become a firm favourite and go to palette for everyday use. I were dubious about this, being from the Primark P.S, Love range, as often the case is that you get what you pay for, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised though. The product blends really well, the colours are varied and I’ve been loving creating different stunning looks with this. The case has a magnetised close and I were happy to find that the different shades are all named. If you’d like a more in depth review of this (or anything else listed) please don’t hesitate to ask.

P.S, Love Insta Girl Liquid Lipstick
Another from Primark’s P.S, Love range, aren’t they doing well? This marvellous little creation RRP’s for £2, were bought for £1 (though were a gift) and is an absolute steal at either of these prices. The unique colour is heavenly, I’m delighted with the product’s formula, the way it applies and feels overall when worn. I’ve yet to discover more about it’s durability but just from what I’ve found so far I feel I’ll not be disappointed with it’s longevity either. It’s such a unique and pretty product, I love playing with it. Also it doesn’t take forever to set, definitely the best liquid lipstick formula I’ve sampled as of yet!

Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer
It isn’t often that I’ll use a primer, I know, naughty me. I have recently felt the need however, since my hormones have been going wild after having my little girl. My pores are disgusting, my face is auditioning to be the picture for a dot to dot and my make-up has been laughing in my face! I got this primer in a make-up bag of Max Factor goodies at Christmas and it’s definitely something that I’ll be looking into purchasing once I’ve ran out. It really has been a miracle, smoothing everything out to create the perfect foundation for my make-up. Everything applies so much more flawlessly and quickly when I’ve used this first. It feels silky, doesn’t clog up my pores and is simply wonderful!

Wand Brushes
Another Christmas gift and one I adore. These brushes are inspired by the Harry Potter wands (instant swoon) and I’m having a ball playing around with the mix of brushes for my eyes and face. One of the fluffy blending ones for eye make-up is my favourite overall at the minute, it’s the perfect size for blending in the crease.



Nicki Minaj Onika Perfume
Not the first person I’d think of when wanting a perfume, but blimey what a gorgeous scent! I’m hopeless at pinpointing different smells in a fragrance, though it’s been described/marketed as having “notes of mandarin, pear and starfruit. The heart is created with scents from orchid and water lilly. All laid on a base of white musk and vetiver.” Either way, I adore it, bonus points for an incredibly unique bottle, too!


Fashion, Bags and Accessories

Harry Potter Satchel
Clearly I’m not the only one loving these, as people have been re-selling these satchels on Amazon and Ebay for a crazily higher price than that of the RRP at Primark. How they’re getting away with it I don’t know, though I can understand wanting to get your hands on these beauties. I have both the black and brown version, they’ve got the Hogwarts crest displayed on the front and are extremely stylish. With only having the crest the bags remain discrete and personally I feel these wouldn’t be looked upon negatively even at an important meeting. There’s not a tonne of room in them, though only needing the essentials (such as my cards, phone, charger and keys) I have more than enough, after all, all of my daughter’s essentials are kept in her changing bag.

Harry Potter Snapback
I mentioned snapbacks being a current favourite of mine in my 2017 favourites, specifically however, is my Harry Potter Marauders Map Quote Snapback. My epic Mom gifted me this, it’s base colour is black and in gold has quoted “I solemnly swear I am up to no good”. It’s utter perfection and goes with anything, being black. Winner!

Dresses with tights
Since losing weight (a considerable amount of) during my pregnancy I’ve discovered a desire to put more effort into my fashion choices and my current obsession is to wear a wide range of dresses with tights, be that patterned or plain black. I feel so much more feminine and put together doing this and I’m really enjoying it, a personal favourite has been my new Jack Skellington dress, you may have to keep an eye out on my social media (such as Instagram) to catch a glimpse!



The Stranger I Married – Sylvia Day
I don’t want to give anything away, this is set some time ago and so at first I didn’t think I were going to enjoy it, still, I persevered and found a work of art. I loved it. If you’re a little prudish I’d probably not recommend this to you, it’s somewhat heated.. Otherwise, crack on! It’s essentially a love story, don’t let me fool you into thinking it’s all sex.

Wilde Like Me – Louise Pentland
Holy hell I adore this book. It’s not often I find a single Mom book and Robin (the main character) is hilarious. This is such a heartwarming, funny and inspiring read. If you need an unexpected kick up the rear through the medium of entertainment and relaxation then grab yourself a copy of this, you won’t regret it I assure you. There were so much I suddenly wanted to do after finishing it.. I may just have to read this every time I’m stuck in a rut! Does anyone know if Louise plans to write a second book about Robin Wilde? I really hope she is, get me on that pre-order list!



Now onto a few children’s things. Beatbo is amazing. I got my little girl this for Christmas and beforehand were mulling over if she’d like it or not. I’m glad I went for it because she loves her BeatBo, the dog is definitely on the cards for her Birthday! I’ve got to say, I have a fair bit of fun with it myself due to the record feature – some of the remixes have me in utter hysterics!

Little Pink Singing Puppy
A gift of which Autumn received from a friend of mine, Sarah played a blinder with this! My daughter gets endless fun from her puppy and whilst it terrifies myself and her Daddy, she loves it therefore so do I. Just be prepared to set it off simply by looking at it if you acquire one yourself!

Musical Play Mat
Something I got Autumn for being a brave girl following her immunisations, and am I glad that I did. She loves her play mat so much that I’m able to let her play whilst I get some housework done (obviously supervising her still) and she will quite happily entertain herself. This is even more fun now that she’s started getting more mobile. Turn away for a second and she’s half way across the living room! A favourite game of her’s using this is ‘hit Mommy in the head with the frog’, it’s super fun!

Baby Clothing Brands/Stores

My current loves for baby clothes have to be F&F (Tesco), George and Matalan. All have some amazing prices and the kids clothing is too darn adorable. Buying Autumn clothes is quite possibly my ultimate favourite hobby!


Harry Potter Candle
Last but not least is my new favourite decorative item, a Harry Potter candle, pictured below – how stunning is it? I first saw this on Cherry Wallis’ Instagram, then almost burst with utter exhilaration when I stumbled upon it at the checkouts in my local Primark. Must have, the only issue is that I can’t bring myself to use it and have decided instead to let it remain pristine without use. This will definitely be being kept as decorative only! Though the mild vanilla scent is no doubt just as gorgeous as the candle overall.

As mentioned, I’m willing to thoroughly review anything of which you happen to have an interest in, simply let me know and I’ll get to it. Do any of our current favourites align? What have been your own Winter essentials?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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