9 reasons I Love this Delightful Drugstore Advent

As you may be aware if you’ve read my recent Gift Haul post, then you’ll know that I received the Make-Up Revolution London 2017 Advent Calendar in the run up to Christmas, I utterly adore this easily affordable drugstore brand and therefore I’m excited to be sharing my views with you today. MURL typically stick with the same kind of products each year, or near enough, therefore this is a fantastic read for you to look back on later in the year when perusing and deciding upon which advent to treat yourself or a loved one to.

A little about the brand..

Make-Up Revolution London is a mind blowing brand boasting products of high end quality with a drugstore price tag! The brand can be found on the high street or online at places such as Tam Beauty and Superdrug and are 100% cruelty free! So many of my cosmetic favourites have been from this brand and by collaborating with bloggers and vloggers in the industry MURL continues to rise through the ranks becoming a much more prominent brand by the day. I honestly can’t fault them and so this post is set to be a delight to both read and write, or so I hope anyway!

What I loved about this product..

As mentioned MURL is a drugstore brand and therefore has amazing prices on their products, including their yearly Advent Calendar which can usually be purchased for around £25 – £30. When ordering £30 or more on the Tam Beauty website you often get a mystery bag and free delivery thrown in with it, too.. The bargains just keep coming!

I’m forever being amazed by the product quality with this brand, especially considering the low prices. So many times I’ve tried out a ‘high end’ product of which I’ve found myself less than thrilled with and actually, preferred something from MURL instead. This is especially the case when it comes to the eyeshadows, if I’m looking for a new palette to play with then MURL is the first place I’ll look! Pigmentation constantly astounds me and I’ve yet to be let down by an item from the brand.

Cruelty Free
I’ve already mentioned in this post that the MURL brand is 100% cruelty free, I don’t know about you, but for me this is a HUGE bonus. There’s just no need to be testing on animals in this day and age, especially not for something so shallow such as vanity!

Range of Products
I feel like there’s a really good mix of products in these advents, just look.. In the 25 products there are brushes, lipsticks, lipglosses, a bronzer, highlighters, eye primer, a mirror and an eyeshadow palette, that’s incredible – it’s a little something of everything!

Days are Mixed
If you’ve yet to read my recent post ‘Getting Lippy with the NYX 2017 Beauty Advent’ then you probably won’t quite understand where I’m going with this, but on the MURL calendar the days are mixed up on the doors, so that you have to actually LOOK for the door corresponding to the day you’re on. This may sound a little odd, silly or however else you wish to look at it, but half of the fun of an advent is in looking for that particular day.

Easy to open Doors
Another point in which if you’ve read my NYX post, then you’ll know exactly what I mean. The NYX advent I found to be really rigid when opening the doors, to the point in fact, that I managed to hurt myself getting them open! That thankfully isn’t the case with MURL, the doors are easy enough to get open, phew!

This will be something which people have a differing opinion on based on tastes and such, but I feel like the packaging of this is always done in a simple yet extremely stylish manner, it’s just beautiful, isn’t it?

Full Sized Products
Yes you’ve just read that right, the MURL has full sized products included, which excites me to no end!

Includes Christmas Day
Additional to products being full sized, Christmas Day is also catered for! Having presents to open on Christmas means it’s no huge let down I guess for an advent to miss the 25th out, but lets face it, it’s still really nice to have that one last door to open alongside your Santa sack! The Christmas Day gift being that of a full sized eyeshadow palette is also something that can’t be looked down on, what a way in which to wrap it all up! No pun intended…

What I weren’t so enthralled with.. 

Hard to Get Out!
Whilst the doors are easy to open, this year I found it quite a pain to actually get the items out of the internal packaging. I’ve never had this issue in previous years so maybe, and hopefully, it’s a one off.

Colour Mix
This usually isn’t the case but this year I’ve noticed that four of the lipsticks are incredibly similar, so much so, that I must have easily spent an hour or more in total staring at the nude shades trying to figure out if they are indeed different or if they’re twins. I’d pondered if it were an error only with my advent, where two of the same had been mistakenly put in together or something. They’re nice enough shades which can and will definitely be used, I just felt it a little odd to have shades so alike in the same product, rather than mixing it up a little. The brand has such a wide array of colours to choose from that there were definitely the option to include a larger variety in the lip colours.

Overall Opinion

I feel that the pros and cons speak volumes themselves, with a ratio of 9/2 it’s evident that this advent were definitely a winner! I’m pretty sure there will never be a day where I’m not enchanted with products from this brand, it never fails to delight me in some way. Based on my opinions overall, both the positive and negative, it’s fair to say that I feel this is a huge bargain and quite possibly is my favourite of the advent calendars out there annually, it certainly has been my favourite brand from personal experience to this point, and is definitely that one of which I could never be disheartened to find waiting for me on December 1st.

Product List
1. ‘Amazing’ Lipstick – Nude
2. Mini Foundation Brush
3. Baked Highlighter – Rejuvenate
4. Pressed Highlighter – Peach Kiss
5. ‘Amazing’ Lipstick – Salmon Pink
6. Mini Face Brush
7. Anti Shine Balm
8. Tube Gloss – Salmon Pink
9. ‘Amazing’ Lipstick – Burgundy
10. Strobe Balm – Golden
11. ‘Amazing’ Lipstick – Nude
12. Liquid Eye Primer
13. Pressed Highlighter – Ice Kiss
14. Bronzer
15. Travel Mirror
16. Baked Highlighter – Flash
17. Tube Gloss – Hot Pink
18. Mini Eyeshadow Brush
19. Strobe Balm – Rose Gold
20. Mini Angled Brush
21. Baked Highlighter – Gold Addict
22. Liquid Highlighter
23. ‘Amazing’ Lipstick – Pinky Orange
24. ‘Amazing’ Lipstick – Red
25. #Revoholic Eyes Palette

I hope this post has given you insight into a fantastic quality, cheap and cheerful, cruelty free brand, if you hadn’t already had the pleasure of such discovery. Which product do you like the look of the most? Will you be trying out the brand yourself? On the other hand, if you’ve already had the delight – do we share the same views or are you differing in opinion with me on anything spoken of above? I’d love to know your views, especially as this is quite possibly my all time favourite brand!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

2 thoughts on “9 reasons I Love this Delightful Drugstore Advent”

  1. Oooh those highlighters look so pretty! And the full-size palette for the 25th is such a great idea – definitely saving the best for last! This is an even better set of products than that Nyx holiday set!

    1. They really are, I’m utterly in love with Ice Kiss! Isn’t it just? This is one of the reasons I were rather sceptical of the NYX one, because I know beauties like the MURL one are exist ha ha! I’m pleased to say I’m starting to get on better with the products in the NYX advent now though, those soft matte creams are rather nice! 🙂

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