Beauty Bingo #13 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy

It’s a new year so lets be having new challenges and a change of palette to complete them with! I’m really hoping that switching up my palettes for 2018 will give me much more interesting eyeshadows to work with and likewise, some wilder and unique results!

The rules are simple…
1. Pick your palette – I’ve chosen the Make-Up Revolution London Eyes Like Angels Palette for today’s post.
2. Cut out small paper pieces numbered and lettered according to the columns and rows in your chosen palette.
3. Separate the pieces into rows and columns then proceed to choosing five from each, this will determine your Bingo coordinates! Mine are as follows:

B – C1, R1 
I – C8, R3 
N – C7, R4
G – C2, R2
O – C4, R2

4. Get creative! You must use all five colours. Extra products can of course be used to perfect the complete look such as eye liner and mascara, so long as the chosen shadows are out to play!

Okay so my first thoughts regarding the co-ordinates I got were ones of “what the hell am I going to do with this?” … Thankfully I weren’t going anywhere like in recent months, therefore didn’t need to make the look a wearable one. I were looking forward to doing something a little different but still thought “HELP!” …. Due to being utterly lost with this and needing to stick to no ‘rules’ as such, I thought I’d simply do whatever with it, make it up as I go along and today’s look is the result.. To say I were rendered utterly clueless to start with I’m actually rather pleased with the outcome. Whilst I wouldn’t by any means classify this as everyday wearable, it does kinda feel witchy and such, so maybe a good idea for Halloween?

So what do you think to the first of this years Beauty Bingo, would you rock this look yourself? Please do share any of your own looks with myself and Rossy as we’d love to see your talents! Speaking of which, don’t forget to take a peek at the results of Rossy’s January contribution, too!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

3 thoughts on “Beauty Bingo #13 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy”

    1. Thank you my lovely! I may have got the idea from one of your past posts! 😉 The lippy had to be done, it were just sat there looking at me and screaming try me with that shadow ha ha! 😛

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