With a New Year Comes New Goals!

It’s that time again where we all reflect on the past year, usually say how pants it’s been and that we’re going to change into some magnificent, magical creature for the year ahead! Lets be realistic, none of us are going to grow a horn and become a unicorn, a new year only changes you if you work to put the changes in and you really don’t need to wait for the new year to do that. This being said, I do like to set myself goals and hold myself accountable for things, therefore why not take you on a little journey with me around my minds current plotting and planning state!

First of all, reflection.. Honestly 2017 has been one of the hardest years of my life yet, a lot of negatives happened and I mean a lot. I were in a pretty much constant state of extreme stress for this reason or another, things were happening to sabotage my career, my love life, my mental health, my finances were down the pan and I were up the creek without a paddle, not to mention coming very close to losing a close family member. Whilst it’s been the worst yet and I’ve never felt so desolate in my life, it’s also the year I became a mother, my beautiful little girl, Autumn, were born.. A stunning little lady who honestly saved my life. I got to spend the last three months of the year with her, which of course comes with a whole new set of worries and a tonne of responsibility, though I’d never have it any other way. She’s the best achievement of my life, I’ve never been more proud than I am of her, she’s my world and so with that, you weren’t all bad 2017, but wow what a ride! In terms of goal setting and what not, I did have some to start the year off with, though with everything falling to pieces around me, did I fare very well with them?

1. Learn to Drive.
Again (I’ve set this same goal since turning 18), this didn’t happen, though in my defence I did spend nine months of the year pregnant so it weren’t really the most appropriate time to be getting behind the wheel!

2. Finances in Order.
I’m so relieved to say that this happened! I’m not sure how, as last year I got unlawfully sacked from my job whilst pregnant (for being pregnant and also because I have mental health issues, nice people, huh?) and so my money worries were in abundance! Thankfully I managed to turn it all around though, getting ship shape financially for the arrival of my daughter, providing everything she needed, whilst getting some of my debts paid off also. I’m not completely out of the woods but I feel that a half a grand dent in it is pretty decent considering everything!

3. Be Healthier.
This one definitely happened when it comes to food binges and alcohol intake! Of course, a few weeks into 2017 my ex and I found out that we were having a baby! I had really bad nausea for a huge chunk of my pregnancy and so were eating pretty much sod all, everything just tasted gross and were totally off putting, appetite totally trashed! I never really got my appetite back even when the nausea calmed down, then in September when our daughter arrived, my food intake still didn’t really change! I can have the odd little snack session, but they’re VERY few and far between, meals in general are, as my cheeky little monkey likes to create holy hell every time Mommy needs feeding! Of course, alcohol went out of the window, I aren’t one of these that believes in continuing to consume alcohol whilst growing a tiny human! Due to the fact I’m breastfeeding this means that I’ve continued to not drink, though did finally have a New Years drink last night, however expressing milk is easily one of the biggest annoyances there is so I’m going to remain pretty much tea total until I’ve finished breastfeeding! As for exercise, I get plenty of that running around after my little tyke already!

4. Complete my endless household tasks.
This didn’t happen, not in full anyway. I figured out everything of which I wanted to accomplish and some things have been done, such as sorting through my bedroom before the arrival of Autumn, and finally getting my shed built for Echo and Eden to reside in. My desk is actually functional again and the living room is currently in the process of getting a totally new look.. I’m getting there, but there’s a long way to go yet!

5. Complete a course.
This is something I really wanted to accomplish in 2017 but didn’t manage to, it’s going on my list for this year though, I’m really excited about getting started! Last year were just far too chaotic to be throwing studies into the mix.

Taking everything from 2017 into consideration I’m rather pleased with what I were able to accomplish, especially given the fact that the majority of this were done in the final three months after giving birth and so having my daughter to care for, my Mom in poor health and to care for too, alongside my many fur babies, the house to keep on top of, Christmas to prepare for and just, basically, everything. I’m really pleased with the final three months, actually. The previous nine were a completely different ball game. It’s safe to say I’m a totally changed woman since becoming a mother. So now for 2018, I hope that I’ll keep up with the positive changes that I’ve made and that I’ll make some real head way with my goals. I also went self hosted with this here blog last year, and so I’d really like to push myself more with blogging in this next year. My goals for 2018 are as follows.

I refuse to have this on my list for any future New Years posts! This IS happening this year.

2. Disastrous Dentists.
Grow the heck up and get myself a dentist. I hate them okay? Blame my Dad for my dentistry distaste!

3. Complete a Course.
Yep this were indeed on last years list and remains for this year, I’m stupidly excited to get started on it!

4. Write.
Obviously I enjoy writing, why else would I own a blog? I’d really like to do more of it in the following year, however. Maybe plot out some stories or something? Who knows. 😉

5. Try/Resume Interests.
In the past I’ve been known to be involved in some photo shoots, I’d like to get back to this and see if I still enjoy them as much as I used to, I’d also like to push myself to try new things if I have an interest in something, instead of adopting my usual self doubting attitude. After all, you never know until you try!

6. Home Improvements.
I’ve made a start on this in the last three months and it’s insane how much happier I’ve felt for it, just doing something as simple as moving or rearranging my desk has made me feel incredibly inspired, building a shed making me feel a sense of pride within myself of which motivates me to get cracking with other tasks. There’s so much that needs doing so I’ll easily find lots to keep myself busy with, I’d like to get the whole lot ticked off my list by the time the year is out!

7. Up my Blogging Game!
After dipping in and out of blogging last year and generally being all over the shop, it’s time now to really crack down and get back to it regularly and permanently! I need to get so far ahead that any ruts won’t be noticed, utilise and join more affiliate programmes and hopefully work on some sponsored posts.. It will take a long time and a tonne of effort but I’d love to one day be able to call myself a full time blogger, recognising that as my main source of income, enabling me to always be around for my daughter and to watch her growing up.

How were 2017 for you? Will you be setting yourself goals for the year ahead? I’d love to know your plans, why not leave me a comment? We can motivate one another to push ahead!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

4 thoughts on “With a New Year Comes New Goals!”

    1. I can’t even express how much you just made me smile with this comment, thank you! I’ll definitely be doing everything I can to stick with the blog this year don’t you worry honey! & thank you, I hope I can to, do you have any? 🙂 x

  1. I hope you’re able to accomplish some of those goals. Sometimes life likes to get in the way and ruin our plans, but I also hope that life doesn’t interfere too much and that you accomplish everything you want, and be successful! <3

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