#BeautiesOnFire – Your Questions Answered

You MUST have heard of the #BeautiesOnFire by now, though if not, do feel free to educate yourself here and here. In the meantime, as the collaboration will soon be resuming (our first post will be the 25th of January) I thought it would be a good time to pop up the FAQ’s!

Q: How often is the collaboration?
A: Monthly! We did used to do this weekly but it’s way too much to ask of everyone week after week, I honestly have no idea how we all managed it for so long.

Q: How do I get involved in the collaboration?
A: All you have to do is add your post to the link up and be sure to use our #BOF logo somewhere in your post, if you need any help/support you can join the Facebook group where we’ll be more than happy to oblige!

Q: Is it only beauty looks?
A: No! It’s either beauty or fashion, or both if you so desire. There’s no need to stick to one or the other all the time, either.

Q: Do I have to post on a specific day?
A: Not at all, not if you don’t want to. The collaboration post will go live on Beth’s blog on the final Thursday of every month, you can either choose to upload then or at any point before the timer on the link up runs out. I think Beth leaves it for about three weeks to a month, though if you need extra time you can always ask if she’s able to keep it open a little longer for you, this has been done in the past!

Q: Are there rules?
A: Not so much, other than you should include the logo somewhere in your post, we do however ask that you share your own and other people’s posts on social media if you can, or like/comment other’s posts. It’s nice to share the love after all!

Q: Do I do anything beauty/fashion related at random?
A: No, we have a theme for each month which is voted on via a Twitter poll. The looks created will be centred around that months theme.

Q: Do I need to be a collaboration member to vote on the polls?
A: Not at all! Anybody is welcome to both vote and suggest theme ideas! We’d love to have you join in however.

Q: How do I join the Pinterest board?
A: Contact Beth with your e-mail address and she’ll add you to the board, or you can also send this to Rossy or myself, we’ll be more than happy to pass the information along to Beth on your behalf.

Q: Can I join the Facebook group without taking part in the collaboration?
A: Certainly! The group is both for sharing collaboration information AND is functional as a full support group, come on in and join us!

Q: How do I get access to the logo?
A: Simply ask one of us (myself, Beth or Rossy) to send you the file, or you could just as easily save it straight to your laptop, you don’t need to ask for permission.

Q: Who organised/started all of this? Who’s in charge?
A: Beth came up with the idea and a bunch of us talked about the smaller details via e-mail, Beth also created the Facebook group and Pinterest board. Andi is who we have to thank for our logo, then there’s myself and Rossy who’re moderators of the Facebook group, in order to support Beth.

Q: What perks are there from being involved?
A: Increased blog traffic, higher engagement overall on the blog and social media, making new friends and pushing your boundaries/gaining skill. What more could you want?

Q: How do I suggest a theme?
A: Beth will use the Facebook group (nearer the time of creating the poll) to ask for any theme suggestions, keep an eye out for this, or mention it to another one of us and we’ll be sure to keep your suggestion tucked away for the right time. The quicker you are to get your suggestion in the better as it’s usually a first come, first serve. If your idea doesn’t make it to the poll for that month it may instead be used in the following month!

I hope I’ve answered everyone’s questions in this post, if anyone has any more they’d like to add then please do ask away and I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as I can! Will you be joining us in a months time?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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