Deck the Hauls: Christmas Gift Guide Inspiration

It wouldn’t really be coming up to Christmas without the standard annual gift guides, would it? Just as well then, that I’m throwing in my 2p worth! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for inspiration for him, her, infants, children and even the family pets! Yes, Disaster Davis has something for everyone.

This years gift guide features a bit of a twist, as it’s actually a collective haul! I of course can’t include everything in here of which I’ve bought recently, due to much of it being gifts and needing to keep them under wraps, I am however going to throw in some extra gift ideas at the end of this post. I do hope this will offer you a lifeline during the annual festive frenzy! (Please Note: All purchases aren’t photographed)

Harry Potter Bag
Primark – £14
I were looking for the satchel style Harry Potter bags when my friend, Mary, spotted this. It’s absolutely huge and would literally fit the kitchen sink in! The particular bag I picked up is made from black canvas material with brown faux leather straps and has the Hogwarts crest on the front. This has a zip fastening and would be amazing for trips away to store everything in that’s needed, or for when going shopping if you’re expecting to be purchasing plenty. I’m obsessed, and because the handles on this are pretty long it means it fits over my pram handles perfectly, mega bonus!

Harry Potter Chokers
Primark – £2
One of these is pictured above and the other in this pack is material with Deathly Hallows cut outs, repeated throughout the whole jewellery piece. My personal favourite is the velour one above, complete with a dangly Deathly Hallows charm. The price really can’t be beaten! I will say however, be careful not to fasten these too tightly, as the first time I wore the one above I managed to break it by sneezing.. I did however get the pliers out and did a quick repair job, making it better than before.

Harry Potter Festival Wristbands
Primark – £1.50
There are two of them, one being for The Order of the Phoenix and the other is Gryffindor coloured stripes, with the house crest. Unlike typical festival wristbands which are non-removable, these have a small bead on the end which can be altered to fit and therefore can be put on and taken off time and time again, no need to ruin them by cutting.

Cosmetics Pencil Sharpener
Primark – £1
This is pretty chunky but that’s because it catches the sharpenings inside itself to eradicate the need for a bin, these come in a range of colours but the one I chose were a dusty pink and they all look stunning with a metallic finish. I’m excited to no longer ruin my general pencil sharpeners any more!

Harry Potter ‘Spells’ Socks
Primark – £2.50
Three pairs of socks with different spells on them, perfect for any fanatic. There’s a huge collection of both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts socks right now, it’s actually quite exciting, I were spoilt for choice!

Harry Potter 5m Wrapping Paper
Primark – £1.50
This one is pictured in this post and I’m actually thinking it’s TOO good to be used to wrap people’s presents in.. I want to keep it forever! Would it be going too over the top if I were to use it as wallpaper for a feature wall in my bedroom? I’m only partially kidding here.

6m Wrapping Paper
Primark – £0.90
This one were the penguin print pictured in this post. Not the most exciting of wrapping paper but still cute and you can’t complain at 90p for 6 meters!

Cosy Rabbit Leggings
Primark – £4
Included in this post, I got these in 0-3 and 3-6 months because I love them that much! I have never felt leggings as soft as these before and I know my little girl is going to be so snug when wearing them, the print is absolutely adorable, don’t you agree? I’d love some for myself in the same print, though sadly, I can’t quite fit into infant clothing!

Baby Girl’s Tutu Outfit
Primark – £12
This is one of the most adorable little outfits I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty much obsessed with putting my little girl in it, first for a meet up with a bunch of my friends and secondly for her cousin’s first birthday party. This is a three piece, the tutu, top and tights. I just adore how cute and girly this is, she really does look like a princess. The tights are pretty long, but I’ve found that to be the case with all infant tights so far!

Baby Girl’s Pom Pom Beanie
Primark – £3
So my daughter needed some winter hats so I picked up a double pom pom beanie hat for her, it’s burgundy wool with light brown fluffy poms. Certainly snug enough for the winter months.

Baby Girl’s Mouse Shoes
Primark – £3.50
I LOVE THESE, LOOK AT THE BELOW PICTURE, HOW DAMN CUTE ARE THEY?! Argh.. Infant shoes make me feel so excited! So they’re black meaning they’re pretty much spot on to be worn with most outfits and they’re adorable little mice.. I have two mice (at the time of writing this post, sadly two is now one), so it’s only right that my daughter has mice shoes, right?

Baby Girl’s Rabbit Hat & Mittens
Primark – £4
I also have rabbits, so it’s a given that I’d have a thing for rabbit items too. This hat comes down further over the ears and so is a much better fit than the beanie I got her. She won’t really get much use from the mittens as all of her coat sleeves are ridiculously long and bury her hands anyway, but at least we have them, just in case.

Baby Girl’s Rabbit Rattle Socks
Primark – £1.80
So these are pretty bulky, not good for wearing with shoes therefore I tend to have my daughter wearing them when we’re staying home, I love them though. They’re white and light pink stripes with little bunny head rattles on the front, perfect for helping little ones to find their feet and explore making their own musical sounds!

Baby Girl’s Socks 5 Pack
Primark – £2.50
Three of these have animals on and the other two are polka dots, I love them, they’re super cute and colourful.

Baby Girl’s Hairbands
Primark – £2
There’s two, a light pink and white. The pink one has a slight sparkle and is going to perfectly match the pink dress I bought for Autumn to wear to my Nanna’s 90th birthday party this month.

Baby Girl’s Rabbit Boots
Primark – £3.50
Again, UTTERLY ADORABLE! They’re Velcro at the back so are nice and easy to get on and off again. They’re also fluffy, making them super snug!

Baby Girl’s Red Party Dress
Next – £15
Just look at that beauty, perfect for the festive season, my little girl is going to look absolutely stunning for her first Christmas and for her Mommy’s birthday celebrations at the end of this month.

Baby Girl’s Pink Party Dress
Next – £15
The same as the red dress only this one has tiny little gold sparkles in, which isn’t picking up well on the photo. This goes perfectly with the little pink shoes I got Autumn and I can’t wait for her to wear them for her Great Nanna’s birthday party!

Baby Girl’s Pink Shoes
Next – £10
I have no words for these, they get me too giddy every time I set eyes on them.. I definitely have an obsession with infant shoes now. They’re perfect and fit Autumn so well!

Baby Girl’s Leggings 2 Pack
Next – £8
One pair is a plain purpley-taupe colour and the second is navy with little brown rabbits printed all over them. Autumn already has the same print on some dungarees her Auntie Carol bought her and it’s the absolute cutest!

Wrapping Paper
Card Factory – £1 for 2
These rolls were the bottom one and the red one, can’t go wrong for two 5m rolls at a quid!

2018 Diary
Card Factory – £1
I needed a new diary for next year, of course, and I got my last one from Card Factory too. I were really happy with it, it’s been made well and so I knew I’d be just as happy with the same style for next year, the difference being the colour, this year I had a plum purple and for next year I chose lilac. It makes me excited to get writing down next years commitments.

Argos – £79.99
This is the Fisher Price pink petals jumperoo, very pink and very girly. I’m going to love seeing my little squish bouncing around in there when she’s a little bigger!

Pop-Up Ball Pit
Argos – £11.99
A pretty basic ball pit but it takes up less space and is pink and purple, so still cute enough and does the job well. Splendid.

Storage Boxes
Argos – £11.99
The price above is based on four boxes, I got two lots meaning I have eight boxes at 30l if I remember correctly? They’re a decent size for under bed storage put it that way.

Baby Girl’s Elephant Outfit
Amazon – £7.57
I’m sorry but how cute?! I have an obsession with elephants so this were a must have, this outfit is something that’s so different to the usual stuff and it’s nice to be different, right? The material is nice and cosy and the joggers are incorporating comfort AND style, exactly what’s needed for little ones.

Mom & Me Hairbands
Amazon – £12.11
I adore them, I get to match my baby girl! There were six pairs of these in different patterns and I’m just obsessed. I love little hairbands for babies and children and I’m partial to them myself anyway, so this were a must buy! Being simple material which ties at the desired fit means that there’s no chance of them being too tight or slack, perfect.

Personalised Photo Frame
Amazon – £13.90
I’m in love, I’d recommend the seller of this until the cows come home so if anybody would like info on them then just pop me a message. It’s my Nanna’s 90th birthday this year, being a special birthday and Autumn’s first year here, she wanted to buy Nanna something (trust me, she tells me these things) so we got her a frame with a little message engraved from Autumn, of which will soon have pictures of her in once I’ve received my Free Prints order in a few days. I’m so happy with this, the finish is really nice and I were able to choose the font too which were a great option to have. They simply got it spot on and I’d definitely order from them again.

Beanie Hat
Amazon – £5.89
What can I say, I wanted to match my daughter so I got myself a burgundy beanie hat with a fluffy pom pom on the top. I can’t help myself.

Baby Girl’s Leopard Print & Pink Tracksuit
Amazon – £7.77
This is the cutest, it’s going to be so snuggly for my little lady and she has a bit of an obsession for leopard print, so I just had to!

Red Baby Girl’s Shoes
Amazon – £2.25
These arrived today (at the time of finishing off this post it’s actually Wednesday 6th) and I’m not quite as enthralled with them as I were hoping to be, because they’re chuffin’ huge! I’m sure they’d be more likely to fit a two year old rather than a baby of two months, the sizing is in 0-3 so they’re a tad off the mark there. They’re good for the price though, as long as you don’t mind your child having flipper feet. They’re material pre-walkers with a pom pom flower thing attached to the front, nothing much to say otherwise.

Amazon – £5.69
Pictured above, this were a decent price, as you can read for yourself and it’s a cute pattern. Any Mom will know that sometimes it’s just not possible to find the time to wash your hair as much as you might like to when having a young baby to tend to, so for those time when I’m going out and short of time I wanted to have something I could just shove on my head and have done with it, a beanie is way too warm to do this with year round.. So yeah a snapback happened. I have been eyeing up the Vans Trucker Hats for years now but none were tickling my fancy when I looked recently, I’m pretty happy with it and it’s actually become more of a ‘shove on when I’m having a bad hair day in general’ or even to keep my hair in place when it’s windy.

Baby Girl’s Hairbands
Amazon – £5.15
I got five of these in different colours and they were all priced differently but from the same seller. I got yellow, red, dark pink, lilac and light blue, I really like the colours and they’re super cute. I thought they looked huge in the packing but actually they’re not too bad, they’re not too far off fitting my daughter, so I’m happy with that. Didn’t I say I love little girls wearing hairbands? Yep – guilty!

Rechargeable Batteries
Amazon – £14.99
What’s to say about batteries, you go through about a million when you have a child because every damn thing they own needs batteries! I only have a charger for the AA types, so I thought I’d get myself two packs of four meaning I should hopefully have enough for the time being.

24 C Batteries
Amazon – £8.17
Unlike with the AA’s, I don’t have a charger for C types, so seeing 24 of them for this bargain price it were needed to be done, C are what I really needed right now too, since my daughter’s swing batteries died on me last week.

Baby Girl’s Pram Suit
George – £15
She has two gorgeous pram suits already but it’s just typical that they’re for 3 – 6 months, I of course needed one for now because it’s been freezing around here recently, a million blankets and her coats just wouldn’t cut it, so I got this cuddly one. It’s a double zip fastening which I like, because these things are awkward enough as it is to wrestle onto little ones!

10m Wrapping Paper
Asda – £1
I’m sorry but 10m for a quid?! You’d be insane not to!

Personalised Harry Potter Gift Sack
Wowcher – £10.98
I adore this, my daughter will be Potter obsessed like me if it’s the last thing I do! The design of this is such that I’m not limited to using it for her only at Christmas, I can also use it for her birthday which I’m really pleased about as I feel it’s so much easier to organise gifts in this way! The only thing I would say against, is that it would be nice to have had the option for it to have said witch rather than wizard, though that’s probably nit picking on my part! The price includes delivery costs.

Small Animals Willow Basket Treat
Pet Planet – £4.99
I had a feeling this treat basket would be huge but weren’t prepared for just how huge it is, I’d say it’s definitely worth the price.. There’s three different treat options in here and plenty for small animals to eat, plus the basket itself is edible too. As it is, I got this for my two mice… They’ll get lost in the chuffin’ thing! If it weren’t for the fact that they’re greedy little gits I’d say they’d be still devouring this next Christmas. Edit: Since it’s now just Chance, he’ll still be chomping down on this in five years time!

Pop-Up Rabbit/Guinea Pig Tent
Pet Planet – £4.99
I’m obsessed, in awe, in love completely! I bought two of these for my three rabbits (Echo and Eden live apart from Lennon) and I can’t wait for them to be given these, they’re so cute. Sure they’ll probably destroy them which is a shame, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy them for a short while at least. It’s just a typical pop up tent, but for rabbits and guinea pigs! Everything is always a million times cuter when it’s for animals or children!

Suggestions… For Her:
Louise Pentland – Wilde Like Me
Make-Up Gift Sets
Bath and Shower Gifts

For Him:
Humorous Socks
Car Trinkets & Doodads
Beer Tankards

For the Wizard/Witch:
Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit
Fantastic Beasts DVD/book
Subscription Boxes e.g J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World
Personalised Gift Sack, as seen above

For the Kids:
Tea Sets
Soft Books & Sensory Toys
Sylvanian Families
Play Mobile

For the Fur Babies:
Christmas Stocking
Christmas Inspired Treats
Climbing Toys

Did anything here tickle your fancy? Maybe I’ve helped you to think of your Christmas wish list even if I’ve not mastered your shopping. If I’ve forgotten anybody do feel free to let me know and I’ll be sure to include them next year!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

3 thoughts on “Deck the Hauls: Christmas Gift Guide Inspiration”

  1. I love how the majority of it is Harry Potter 😀 I’m loving that HP choker by the way, I’ll have to find it 😉
    And omg, baby clothes are adorable, especially girl clothes. I hope you’re enjoying dressing her up. My sister in law loves to get clothes for he daughter and she looks cute in EVERYTHING!

    1. You should see the things my Mom’s got me for Christmas/my Birthday! The amount of Harry Potter stuff is insane, I’ve been buying more things since I put this post together too – yep you guessed it, Harry Potter! I’m a nightmare. Oh it’s a beauty, it really is – I always wear it now.

      Tell me about it! Another obsession for sure is baby clothes! I’m pretty sure Autumn definitely has more clothes than me already, I’m not sure how she’s going to have time to wear half of them but I can’t stop myself!

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