Perfectly Pretty Pigments – A George Cosmetics Review

Do you always find yourself gravitating towards the cosmetics aisle whilst doing your grocery shopping? ‘Cause I know I do. I recently found myself tempted by the recent range of George cosmetics and I’m crazily excited to share the results with you!

On this particular occasion I picked up a sweet and simple eyeshadow pigment palette with eight shades, four of which being matte whilst the remaining four are slightly shimmery. The thing that first attracted my attention with this is the fact that they’re eye pigments (I can’t get enough of a well pigmented product so this gave me high expectations), I also thought the colours were really pretty Autumnal shades which would be perfect for both day and night looks. All of the shadows complement one another really well and I can confirm that both day and night looks are easily achievable with these. I were really pleased with this product and the pigmentation is indeed, unreal! This of course does result in a lot of product fallout, though thankfully this is easily remedied with a light swipe of my powder brush because the product surprisingly brushes off without leaving a trace, unlike most others!

I adore the end result from these eyeshadows, not only do they apply and blend easily to start with but also last really well, staying in place all day without creasing. This product doesn’t feel heavy on the lid and is lovely for daily wear. The brush included isn’t the absolute best, I aren’t a fan of sponge applicators to start with but the opposite end isn’t too bad, though I personally choose to use my Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette brush (fluffy end) instead for use with this product. I’d say this is an epic choice for beginners and/or make-up novices because of both the quality and the bargain price of £5. I wouldn’t even be discouraged with the product fallout because as I said before, it’s easily remedied.

Returning readers will know of my love for shades to be named in palettes, I’m not entirely sure myself why this is, maybe due to being able to easily identify the shades used when it comes to publishing a specific beauty look on here, who knows – anyway, this palette is indeed named and as you can see I’ve included a couple of eye looks in this post using only this palette. For the first look (pink) I used the shades: reveal, crave, champagne and wink whilst the second were achieved by using reveal, crave, stripped and truffle.

Do you own this palette? Are you a fan of George cosmetics? Which products would you recommend I try next?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

2 thoughts on “Perfectly Pretty Pigments – A George Cosmetics Review”

  1. I’m really bad at wondering off. I am literally the worst person to go shopping with. But I’m pretty easy to find. If there is makeup of any kind in the store that’s probably where I am. It happens so much that the last time I got separated I just went to the makeup aisle and my mom was already there waiting for me.
    That palette looks amazing!!!

    1. I’m the same, I get distracted easily and forget I’m even with somebody, oops! Always found in either the baby or make-up section though! Ha ha that’s funny, but also pretty handy for the both of you! Oh it is, it’s quickly become my current everyday favourite!

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