Picture Perfect & Snap Happy – Seven Day Tag

How exciting, a bonus post to finish off 2017! The lovely Rossy of AyR Galaxy tagged me in a photography challenge, I loved what she did with her’s and so felt rather enthusiastic about getting involved myself, especially as it’s the festive season, bringing with it millions of different pretty things to photograph!

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#BeautiesOnFire – Your Questions Answered

You MUST have heard of the #BeautiesOnFire by now, though if not, do feel free to educate yourself here and here. In the meantime, as the collaboration will soon be resuming (our first post will be the 25th of January) I thought it would be a good time to pop up the FAQ’s!

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Beauty Bingo #12 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy

So here we have the final Beauty Bingo post for 2017, did you enjoy this series? Good – as Rossy and I will be continuing with the challenge throughout 2018, too! For a little recap on this years Bingo looks, please do peruse the below links, after having a good nosy at today’s post, of course! 😉

July & August

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Deck the Hauls: Christmas Gift Guide Inspiration

It wouldn’t really be coming up to Christmas without the standard annual gift guides, would it? Just as well then, that I’m throwing in my 2p worth! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for inspiration for him, her, infants, children and even the family pets! Yes, Disaster Davis has something for everyone.

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Perfectly Pretty Pigments – A George Cosmetics Review

Do you always find yourself gravitating towards the cosmetics aisle whilst doing your grocery shopping? ‘Cause I know I do. I recently found myself tempted by the recent range of George cosmetics and I’m crazily excited to share the results with you!

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#BeautiesOnFire – The Best of the Blogging World!

It’s been so long now since the last #BOF post that I bet you thought it were no more, right? Wrong! We never left due to the group (yes, there’s a legendary support group, more on that below), but soon the collaboration that started it all will be back!

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