The Wonderful World of Kiddies Kingdom!

Are you currently in the market for a new changing bag or considering making an order with Kiddies Kingdom? If so then you’ll definitely want to read today’s post because I’m reviewing my recent purchases including what is quite possibly the BEST changing bag in existence!

First off, Kiddies Kingdom. In a nutshell, during my pregnancy I fell in love with the Joie Mirus Scenic 2 in 1 Juva travel system and when it came to sending my sister the link to order it – it were out of stock. I were adamant that I had to have it so trawled the internet and that’s where Kiddies Kingdom came into play, I’d never heard of the company or website before but decided to give it a chance regardless and definitely weren’t disappointed. The travel system were a fantastic price (£180) and delivery were super speedy! So, when it came to needing a changing bag I had zero issues with having a peek at what they again had to offer.

My bag in question were the Kiddies Kingdom Deluxe Baby Changing bag & bottle holder – Hoot Hoot, with a recommended retail price of £120 although I snapped it up for the bargain price of £44.95! It’s ridiculously cute and so I fell in love. I’d originally intended on getting something lime green to match my Joie but nothing I saw were speaking to me – luckily for me grey is a versatile colour and so doesn’t look out of place at all. When spending £50 or more there’s free delivery, giving me the perfect excuse to throw the Red Kite Activity Bug Caterpillar into my basket for my perfect little cherub, priced at £6.95 with an RRP of £13.95.

Again I experienced a fantastically fast delivery, my purchases in question were spot on with great prices and I find the website itself extremely easy to navigate. My daughter is loving playing with her caterpillar, talking to it, sticking out her tongue or winking and laughing at it! It has a leg in which when pulled, vibrates the whole toy, incorporates different textures and of course is incredibly bright and colourful.

As for the changing bag itself, well where to start with this absolute beauty?! Included with it is a thin changing mat perfect for when on the move and an insulated bottle holder. Aside from the standard straps there’s also a longer adjustable one included which easily clips to the loops on either end of the bag, making it perfect for popping over the pram handles – no matter the type or design. What I absolutely adore about this bag is the space, there are so many different pockets and compartments tucked away and it’s easy to fit in every last thing needed for both baby and you. Not once have I ran out of space and I’m notorious for being an over packer! Plus have you seen the print? I saw it and fell in love instantly, it’s just the cutest! I find this bag has fit in well not only with my Joie but also any and all outfit choices. It’s stylish and classy whilst still remaining fun and utterly adorable! I most certainly haven’t minded switching out my usual bags in favour of this, I’ve been obsessed! I may not have had any other changing bags to compare it to but honestly I’d give a full 10/10 rating for this one. I’m obsessed, not only with this but with Kiddies Kingdom itself! A final thing to note is that KK offer a price match on all of their stock.

Have you had the pleasure of shopping at Kiddies Kingdom? What were your experience like if so? Leave me a comment below – I’d love to chat!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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