Why I love the Model’s Own Holochrome Palette

I’ve been meaning to get around to this post for pretty much the majority of this year so far and with today’s blog post I finally get to share with you my findings on a rather impressive and enjoyable product indeed. It’s taken me long enough to get to this point as it is, so lets not waste a second more!

What is it?
The Model’s Own Holochrome Eyeshadow Palette, it has ten incredibly beautiful shades, all but two being remarkably shimmery whilst the two remaining shadows are a simple matte black and matte ‘brown’ although, I’d personally describe it as more of a burgundy. The packaging, as you can see for yourself, is utterly flawless and the closure is magnetic. A two ended brush is included, again made to a stunning finish, with both ends being fluffy and soft. Whilst this isn’t so great for ‘packing product’ it is instead perfect for blending. Oh and of course a nice big mirror can be found under the lid. This palette currently retails on the Model’s Own website for £19.99 though I’m pretty sure it were a little cheaper this time last year, clearly it’s since proven to be in high demand, resulting in it’s price increase.

Do I love it or loathe it and why?
Definitely 100% LOVE! So this is the information you really want, right? I mean sure details are necessary and all but that tells you literally nothing of which you can’t find out or see for yourself! Okay enough waffling… I have to say that initially I were exceptionally interested myself as to how these shadows would fare, given their shimmering finish – personally I often find shimmery or glittery products to severely lack in pigmentation. High five to Model’s Own because hallelujah, these don’t! Whilst they’re not the most overly pigmented product I’ve stumbled upon over the years, they’re definitely not a disappointment either and can be easily built up to your desired final look. The swatches make the bottom shades all appear rather alike which in a way they are, although they do all have their own unique undertone. I created a ‘monochrome’ look with this exact palette a few months back of which I failed to ever post. The pictures taken really don’t do this palette justice at all unfortunately, as the camera (probably due to the venue’s lighting) has picked up barely any sparkle… Once you’ve finished creating a look with these it’s apparent that they’re perfect for something more ‘wow’, a very strong contender for the weekend. Call me a bit of a nerd if you want, too, but I’m obsessed with the names! I may be a little weird but I do like a palette with named shades and these just speak to my soul. If I remember correctly I used ‘Vivid’, ‘Prismatic’ and a slight amount of ‘Deep Sea’. I’m looking forward to playing with this palette again in the future but getting better pictures this time!

Is it worth it’s price?
I wouldn’t call this a budget palette, whilst it isn’t up there in the crazily priced ranks with the Urban Decay palettes, I’d still say this is more of a ‘special treat’. I can’t speak for the rest, but I personally wouldn’t want to go out and blow a straight £20 on one palette. This is no everyday purchase. I do adore it and for something more glam – go for it, treat yourself … Better yet get somebody else to treat you! 😉 We all know I’m a bargain drugstore brand kinda girl at heart though and for everyday wear that’s where it’s all at, but if you want something special to add glitz and glamour to your weekend I’d say this should be a very strong contender.

Any cons or general things to add?
On the back of the cardboard packaging the colours are shown – pay no attention to that as they’re NOTHING like in the palette itself. The colours in this post are a true representation and are what you can expect but they certainly made a boo boo with their packing – it all looks bloomin’ pink! Crazy.

Are there any palettes you’d like to recommend for me to add to my wish list based from this review? Do you own this palette too and share the same or differing opinions? I’d love to know your thoughts.

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

2 thoughts on “Why I love the Model’s Own Holochrome Palette”

  1. That’s a gorgeous look on you! I think I saw this at Ulta but I’m not a huge fan of metallics lol. I’m more of a matte palette kind of gal, I love mattes! I find metallics and shimmery shades a bit hard to work with, and I’m not a very creative person so that palette would probably go to waste with me lol.

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Yeah mattes are definitely easier to handle, there’s just so much fall out from most shimmers! Luckily these ones brush away easily enough without leaving a trace.. So long as you don’t use a heavy hand of course. You gotta be kidding I think you’re ridiculously creative!! Don’t be selling yourself short lady! <3

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