This is Halloween, Everybody make a Scene!

Trick or treat till the neighbours gonna die of fright! Obviously I had to post something for Halloween this week – ‘cause Halloween is life! Or death, whichever way you want to look at it. Hopefully you’ll feel there’s more treats than tricks within today’s post!

So with having a newborn tiny human and all I’m not doing anything for Halloween this year – gone are the days of all night parties and a scary amount of alcohol, resembling a rotting corpse the next day. One month old is a little young for the usual children’s parties and trick or treating, too. It’s occurred to me that for whatever reasons (I were ill last year and totally missed out on the fun then, also) you and many others may be in the same boat. I sure as hell aren’t letting my favourite time of the year pass without doing something, no matter how seemingly insignificant, so I thought I’d share my current plans in the hope that it offers some inspiration! Even if you are celebrating in some way the following would all be great ways of welcoming all things weird and wonderful, I’m also sharing some outfit and make-up inspiration throughout.

Spooky Scene Setting..
Firstly the atmosphere has to be spot on! How will I be doing this? Lights off, with just the flicker from the flame of my candle, casting shadows on my simple but super cute decoration – my glittery pumpkin! There’s nothing more snug than getting cosy, dimming the lights and completely chilling out in the safe space (is it though?) of your home, hidden away from the elements outside, add your favourites on the tele into the mix and you’re good to go. My candle is a simple £1 one from Primark and my epic little pumpkin is also only £1, but from Asda. I’ve never been huge on candles and I’m hopeless with decorations so for me personally less can definitely be more, however you do you and go wild with your very own favourites in order to set the most spooktacular of scenes!

Terrifying Tunes!
Get yourself on Spotify and throw together the BEST Halloween playlist right now – I promise you won’t regret it. There’s no need to hide it away after everything is once more dead and buried – I started mine months ago and will most definitely play it year round! In my head, Halloween is forever. Although sparce, you can find mine for some inspiration, here.
Some of my favourites include:

This is Halloween – Danny Elfman
Sally’s Song – Danny Elfman
Thriller – Michael Jackson
Earth, Wind, Fire & Air – The Hex Girls
Hex Girls – The Hex Girls
Casper’s Lullaby – James Horner
I Miss You – Blink 182

Eerie Edibles..
A huge part of Halloween is of course the snacks and tooth decaying treats! This doesn’t cease to be the case for adults! I’d definitely recommend a Cadbury’s chocolate pumpkin cake, you can pick these up for £2 at Asda and they’re abnormally yummy! Another current guilty pleasure of mine has nothing to do with Halloween but will still be a snack of choice – Galaxy Swirlers Shortbread Crunch. Get stocked up and treat yourself to whatever tickles your tarantulas!

Revolting Reads!
Something I find myself wanting to do at this time of year is to re-read the entire Harry Potter collection. You know you want to, too! In fact – it’s the perfect excuse to pull out Harry Potter everything – make it magical!

Morose Movies..
Speaking of Harry Potter, the whole series of films slot in perfectly here too, I’ll definitely be having a marathon, followed by Fantastic Beasts, then Casper and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Who said Halloween had to actually be scary? Not that I’ve managed to find myself in any way disturbed by anything described as horror, clearly there’s a gap in the market. Anyway, I have a tiny practising witch to educate.

Other-worldly Outdoors..
Something I like to do any time throughout the year is to sit outside under my front porch on an evening. There’s something that I find really relaxing about the night time hours, I find it easier to gather my thoughts with the freedom felt from being outside – this is something I fully intend on doing on Hallows Eve. Once my tiny ghoul is sleeping of course. I wonder if it will be eerie being out there on Halloween?

Odd Outfit Matching..
Yep, I fully intend on matching with my daughter this Halloween. Just because we’re not doing anything and therefore not dressing up doesn’t mean to say we can’t still somewhat dress for the occasion – channelling our inner witch in Harry Potter fashion! I’m literally so excited by it.. Such a child still.

Throughout this post fancy dress and make-up inspiration can be spotted, though not everything is included – below are links to a small collection of my previous looks for you to peruse. This includes all of my dress up looks – as the typically ‘standard’ looks can be altered for Halloween however you wish.

Dead Schoolgirl/Stitched Mouth
Bellatrix Lestrange
Bride of Chucky
Hex Girls – Thorn, Dusk and Luna
Alice in Wonderland

What things make Halloween perfectly petrifying for you? Are any of the above, things that you’ll be doing too, what are your plans? I’d love to know, lets chat in the comments below! Whatever you do, stay safe and I wish you the fright of your life!

With Love,
Dead Disaster Davis x

6 thoughts on “This is Halloween, Everybody make a Scene!”

  1. Honestly, Bellatrix Lestrange was one of my favorite looks from you! It was so well done! 😀 I used to go to Halloween parties but that’s all behind me now with my kiddo hahah we attend PG/kid Halloween parties now hahaha

    1. I’m glad you think so, it were such an easy one to do, too.. Probably the easiest actually – especially when it comes to the hair! I typically went to pub parties and stuff, nobody really seems to have Halloween parties which is a shame.. Might find more now that I have little chunk though, the parties that people do have are usually for the little ens! 🙂 I’m excited to get her dressed up properly next year! 😛

  2. Finally found the time to sit and read so many of your blogs! Enjoyable read! We have Harry Potter on and a litter off decorations! Simple is best! Love the candle and happy Halloween to you and little pumpkin

    1. Happy Halloween to you all too chick pea! 50 points for Gryffindor for the Harry Potter, I approve! I bet our Emily will be cracking them on at some point too no doubt! Glad you’re enjoying the posts, thank you!

    1. So do I, it’s easily my favourite time of the year! Are you dressing up this year? I’m going to love dressing her up when she’s bigger! I already have so many different ideas going around in my head!

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