Celebrating the not so Terrible Twos

You may be surprised by this, as I am myself, but Disaster Davis had it’s 2nd blogging birthday on October 1st! I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t feel that long at all to me. I took to my social media to ask what you wanted from the celebrations, so lets crack on and find out, shall we?

Drum roll please…. We are celebrating two years of Disaster Davis with….. A baby! Okay I’m kidding, kinda – although I’m elated to be announcing the arrival of a very special little girl also, but more on her later.. As far as blogging birthday’s go it were decided upon to have a good old Q&A post. There’s no such thing as a silly question and you beautiful readers were told to ask about anything from my blogging experiences and tips/tricks, through to completely random or personal things pertaining to me and my life.

1. How has blogging changed your life?
I like this question, I really do. I mean, some may read it and think, well that’s huge, or expect a response from me full of glitz and glam.. It’s obvious that I don’t have a ridiculously well known blog, I’m not known in the blogging game myself, either. I’m not one of the Louise Pentland’s of the world or Cherry Wallis, this is my hobby not my business, there is no fame or fortune… That being said, the reason I like this question so much is because despite that, blogging has still changed my life in small ways and it does add up!

Firstly it’s helped me to connect and create amazing solid friendships with some epic people from around the world, one of my best friends I have to thank blogging for, literally! I find socialising to be so tedious and draining most of the time, I get so burnt out, but socialising when it comes to blogging is completely different for me. I’m surrounded by a community of supportive and uplifting people, people who are like minded, people I vibe so well with and because of this, zero social burn out, or very minimal!

Way back when, I were SO bad at sticking to anything, commitment isn’t my kind of thing as I get bored ridiculously easy with pretty much everything! The fact I started up a blog that I were consistently posting to twice weekly and, later on, working to tight deadlines with the weekly #BeautiesOnFire collaboration, it proved to be something I were evidently passionate about, because two years later here I am – still blogging, now self hosted, still loving every minute of the experience. It’s shown me that some things I CAN commit to, it’s shown me just how determined I can be and how well I can work to deadlines when it’s something I feel passionate about and truly enjoy. So, I’ve learned some things about myself.

It’s pushed my boundaries within the beauty world, forcing me out of my usual comfort zones, encouraging me to try things I wouldn’t have done before and allowing me to take more risks and play around with different ideas and get creative – it’s so much fun! Due to this my make-up skills have improved dramatically, making me feel so much better in myself on a day to day basis, ‘cause sure us girls may not ‘need’ make-up, but for a lot of us it’s a comfort blanket, it’s a case of feeling more confident within ourselves!

I could probably write about a million more ways in which blogging has altered my life, as I think of it though I’m kind of feeling a full post.. Is that something you’d enjoy reading about? Let me know in the comments or give me a shout on any of my social media accounts!

2. How do you feel about blogging now compared to when you first started?
It were a hobby then and still is now, although after two years I definitely feel more serious about blogging on a whole and feel like I should be pushing myself a little more, or rather wanting to push myself more. I’ve of course hit a couple of blogging ruts in this time and have had to drag myself back into the swing of things from this, so there’s been times when I’ve felt so deflated by it all such as when I’m lacking inspiration or motivation but on the whole I love my little space of the internet just as much now as before, I’ve grown as a person and my skills with certain things have improved so much, I’ve learned new things and continue to do so, I honestly utterly adore it and I’m not sure that will ever cease to be the case!

3. Your pictures always look amazing, what do you use to keep your skin looking so clear?
Thank you so much! That could just be the make-up! 😉 I guess there may have been a few make-up free pictures floating around on here at some point though… Honestly, I don’t do much at all. I remove my make-up once I’ve got home for the day, I have a LOT of days or even weeks without wearing make-up at all which gives my skin plenty of time to breathe and I wash my face daily like anybody else would. I’ve never been one of those that has a cleansing routine for my face, I simply don’t have the patience for it. Huge beauty blogging fail right there.

4. What’s one of your favourite things to do in your free time?
It’s probably obvious but – blogging! Or, writing in general! Though something many may not know is that before starting this blog I were utterly obsessed with both watching and creating machinima using the Sims 2 and 3 games.

5. What made you start blogging?
There were a few reasons for this, my love of writing, wanting to learn more about or develop skill with the topics I choose to write about, to share knowledge on any topics I already have experience with and to make friends within the community. I loved reading other people’s blogs and wanted to get in on the fun! I feel I probably went a little more in depth with this in my first ever blog post: Disaster Davis Strikes Again!

6. Where does your blog name come from? (Frankly, I’ve always wondered but forget to ask)
Well, Davis is my surname and ‘Disaster Davis’ is something of which a few of my friends had already nicknamed me based on the fact of how dang clumsy I can be and how I just always seem to find myself in utterly ridiculous situations! I knew I wanted my blog to be able to grow along with me throughout the years and so didn’t want to use a name which would in time become restrictive, going for some kind of variation of my own name seemed like the perfect option, and so Disaster Davis were born!

So on the topic of celebrating with the arrival of a baby, my little girl has now entered the world! She’s absolutely perfect and I’ve never been more in love! I’m still unsure as to if I’ll ever be sharing photos of her here on the blog and I most definitely don’t wish to be sharing too much information about her on the web, there’s some not very nice people out there with some pretty dodgy intentions… So, yeah. We’ll see as time goes on, though for now I’m enjoying her for myself, the most I can that is, when interfering busy bodies decide they want to chuff off and give us some much needed peace and quiet! I’m hoping that with some serious cracking down over the past week or so that I won’t need to take any time out from blogging again this year even with this huge life change, as I’ve been pre-planning monthly schedules, working on drafts, taking and editing photos and preparing collaborative beauty looks ‘til the cows come home! Though if by chance I do need some time out (since I have an unwell family member to take care of too) I’d like to think that as the amazingly wonderful reader you are, that you’ll of course understand exactly why the time out would be needed! 😉

Finally, I hope you’ve enjoyed the A’s to your Q’s. If you didn’t manage to get your question to me in time have no fear – you can still ask away via any of my social media accounts and I’ll be sure to pull together another Q&A for you in due course!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the not so Terrible Twos”

  1. Yay! I finally know your blog name lol. And I agree girl, it always makes me a little weary to post photos of Ciel, I still keep it very very limited, but it will get lost in all the beauty stuff lol. Can’t wait to see more! 😀

    1. Ha ha and to think the answer has been hiding away in my first blog post and About page this whole time. 😛

      I’m the same, I have a photo with her set as my cover photo on Facebook which is obviously set to public, but I’m making a point of having no personal info anywhere, if I mention her in a comment on a profile that isn’t mine (such as if I’ve been tagged in a meme) then I’ll refer to her as A. It’s different with the blog though because of course so much information gets poured into these things, like my whole life is pretty much out here! So to have photos on here seems so much more vulnerable. I guess I’ll see in time, I mean I’d quite like to share the odd photo here and there and it’s not like I’ll ever be putting my address or her school around the internet and things like that. I’m just so over cautious!

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