Beauty Bingo #09 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy

I know, I know, only one post from me this month, it’s just not acceptable at all, is it? Come on though, I am due to have a baby in four days time!!! No matter what, though, I couldn’t slip out on my collaboration with the fantastic Rossy, so behold this months instalment of the Beauty Bingo challenge.

The rules are simple…
1. Pick your palette – I’ve chosen the Laroc Beginners Collection Summer Tones for today’s post.
2. Cut out small paper pieces numbered and lettered according to the columns and rows in your chosen palette.
3. Separate the pieces into rows and columns then proceed to choosing five from each, this will determine your Bingo coordinates! Mine are as follows:

B – C7, R12
I – C9, R5
N – C1, R7
G – C3, R6
O – C9, R12

4. Get creative! You must use all five colours. Extra products can of course be used to perfect the complete look such as eye liner and mascara, so long as the chosen shadows are out to play!

This is the last month this year in which I’ll be using the Laroc Summer Tones Beginners Palette, which I think is probably quite appropriate as we’re moving into the Fall and Winter months, however I feel the bingo coordinates themselves could sense this, as today’s look turned out to be a very Autumnal feeling one indeed. I were actually happy with the colours given to me this time as they were something different and each of the colours complimented one another well. Finally something other than green!!! The red toned colour of which I used across my lid weren’t coming out very pigmented at all… Until I chose to dampen my brush with a baby wipe and found something actually starting to happen! I’ve found that with many of the colours in this palette, actually. They’re definitely not as pigmented as MURL then again I guess sometimes less is more, huh?

So what do you think to my September contribution, would you rock this look yourself? Please do share any of your own looks with myself and Rossy as we’d love to see your talents! Speaking of which, don’t forget to take a look at the results of Rossy’s September challenge too!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

3 thoughts on “Beauty Bingo #09 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy”

  1. oh my goodness!!! I agree that it looks very autumnal! I love that no green shades were used in this look, lucky month for you lol.
    and I can see it in your face, you have matured!! 😀 you no longer have that babyface, I can’t believe you’re almost due!!! <3 xx

    1. To say it’s a ‘summer shades’ palette I weren’t expecting it either, though it made a very nice change! Hahaha you and I both, if I ever see another green eyeshadow in my life it’ll be too soon! It’s because I’ve zero podge left, who’d have thought being pregnant would make me skinny?! This 100% confirms it, I’m entirely backwards! xx

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