Perfect Primark Purchases of the Summer Season

So a little birdie tells me that actually Primark have brought out their new range of gizmos and gadgets this week but I’m sure some of the odds and sods included in this here haul will still be obtainable if you try hard enough! With that said, how could I fail to post today’s round up of my most recent loot? Some of the stuff in here is way too epic (maybe even a little magical) to not do so!

Rabbit Dress with Tights – £8
So I thought I’d start off with the most exciting things of which I’ve bought for my daughter, you may already be aware that I’m a little obsessed with rabbits, having three of the beautiful fur baby angels myself, and so I were rather damn excited when I saw this adorable little outfit! Now, I really aren’t in need of more 0-3 items of clothing for my daughter, however I just couldn’t for the life of me find this in 3-6 months as I’d have liked and the only two left in 6-9 months were missing the tights… The tights themselves are said to fit between 0 – 30 odd months and I adore the outfit that much that I thought sod it, I’ll get her one in 0-3 and 6-9 months, as this will do for Fall and Spring, having no tights included on the larger size meant that I had £2 knocked off of that one, too.. So I didn’t do bad there, after all I’ve no need for a million pairs of the same design and sized tights. How… Damn… Sodding… Cute?!

Joggers 2 pack – £5
Another thing I find to be overly adorable are these joggers, after all pretty much everything in a small size is cute as heck, but these, n’aww! Just look! I pretty much live in my burgundy joggers when I’m dossing around at home, for the obvious reason being they’re damn comfortable.. It’s only right that my daughter should have the same kinda comfort, of course… I don’t see the off white ones lasting as long in the day, but two pairs of joggers for a fiver I don’t think can be gone wrong with! Just look at those little cuffed ends too, I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with how tiny the cuffs are and just aww!!

Baby Sleeping Bag – £8
I’ve developed a bit of a thing for baby sleeping bags as I’m rather concerned that blankets and such can be pulled around and I’m so not okay with the risk of suffocation or anything like that.. So I saw this, which has an elephant and a giraffe on, so obviously I were going to fall for it instantly, and yeah the rest is history. It’s said to be suitable for 6 – 12 months and has a tog rating of 1.5.

Elephant Teddy with Blanket – £8
If you didn’t already know I have a huge love for elephants which has basically come from my Granny as she utterly adored them, this also being the reason for my tattoo being that of an elephant, yadda yadda. I don’t want a million and one teddies all over the place as my current abode just can’t accommodate that for starters, I also have an over abundance of blankets at the minute for my child, but ELEPHANT! I had to.. I’ve not yet had the opportunity to buy my own daughter a teddy and I’m sorry but I feel as her mother that it’s an important right of passage, so… She needed this elephant and it needs her! The problem is, it’s so incredibly soft and so is the blanket, I just want to steal them for myself. I’ve actually never experienced a softer teddy and blanket ever.

Tights 3 pack – £3.50
These are pretty self explanatory, three pairs of tights in pink, white and grey and they all have little hearts in them.. They’re tiny, they’re adorable and they’re well needed because my daughter’s gonna be born in the Fall and then we’ve got Winter… Spring… Wait what am I saying, I live in the UK it’s always shoddy weather regardless! So yeah, tiny adorable tights!

Dumbo Socks 3 pack – £2
How could I not? How could anyone not? DUMBO… EXCUSE ME BUT DUMBO! How I adore that little guy. My daughter were in need of some more socks so, yeah, dumbo socks. It’s possible that I could be in love with these teeny tiny little bundles of cuteness.

Spaghetti Strap Plain Tops – £1.80 Each
So then it’s onto some basic stuff for myself, for an incredibly long time I’ve been in need of some new spaghetti strap tops, so I picked up two each in black and white for myself, I think everyone can agree that these are a necessity in everyone’s wardrobes!

Black Canvas Pumps – £3
Another must have were a pair of black pumps, there’s a couple of new outfits to enter my little world, of which I’ve been unable to wear due to lack of footwear, how this is possible when I have a mammoth mountain I don’t know, but, apparently it’s possible. All I basically needed were something plain black and where better to pick up a surprisingly decent pair? Oh yeah Primark of course, can’t go wrong at all for the price and yay I can wear my new comfy clothes for the rest of my pregnancy now, ahhhh heaven.

Harry Potter Sports Socks – £2.50
Three pair of thick and very cosy sports socks, Harry Potter, what more is needed? A pair of my beloved Harry Potter socks from another time had gotten holes in… So that definitely means that I then need two new packs to replace the one pair that died.. Hush my logic is flawless okay.

Harry Potter Dobby Socks – £2.50
DOBBY! DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE DOBBY?! These. Are. Amazing. You. Don’t. Even. Understand!

Hufflepuff Hooded Jumper – £12
So I treat myself a little, I had to.. Everyone needs a nice cuddly hooded jumper (it’s got that fluffy lining by the way which is just the perfect slice of heaven), and especially when said cuddly hooded jumper is proudly displaying your house pride! I am ready for the snuggly Fall months, fellow Hufflepuffs, are you?!

Harry Potter PJs – £8
I’m starting to think that everyone is a secret PJ hoarder these days, I know for a fact I am and it’s probably a well known fact by now that my ultimate favourite place for PJs is in fact Primark.. There’s always something for everyone, decent priced and they’re well known for film inspired ‘licensed’ stuff, such as of course, my ultimate love, Harry Potter… Well the Wizarding World in general. Obviously I needed more PJs, let me tell you pregnancy kills you off with heat at the best of times, too, but in what the UK calls ‘Summer’? Ergh it’s a killer.. Short, loosely fitted PJs are a MUST!

Floaty Dress – £13
Last clothing item and a bit of a treat, this one. I won’t be pregnant forever, but I’m aware that I aren’t going to snap back into my pre-pregnancy body instantly, either.. I’m sure there will be a point when I want to partake in a few beverages with friends (of course not for a while, but my birthday is coming up in December), and so I thought after the crazy year I’ve had so far that I deserved a little treat for myself. Safe to say burgundy is one of my loves in clothing, it’s a very loose fitted design and remains classy, whilst still being that little bit more ‘put together’.. I really liked the slits down the arms of this and the fact it’s an off the shoulder number.. Anything slightly unique and different and it’s guaranteed that I’ll need to have a good nosy at. For the price you can’t really go wrong and it’s something that can be easily accessorised too to give it a different look.

Harry Potter Cup – £3
Now for the final two items, which bring me ultimate cosy vibes and joy.. I’m hooked on cups for some reason, actually I blame my Mom for it… Harry Potter? Yeah… Can you see a theme yet? I do have a Harry Potter cup already of which my brother/best friend brought me back from his seaside travels, lets face it though you can never have too many! So.. This happened. I love it and I feel it gives a nice little nod towards mental health or less than nice days in general, when certain people and/or society are being a bit crappy! Basically it fits me perfectly.

Spiced Dusk Candle – £1
I’ve never been big on candles but so many people go on about how relaxing they make them feel and all that, it’s coming up to the fall months which to me means maximum chill outs on the evening and I thought ah sod it. This particular one really reminds me of pumpkins, probably due to the ‘spice’ vibes and what do pumpkins mean? *Cue This is Halloween tune* Yep, my favourite ever thing in the entire universe, HALLOWEEN! WE’RE NEARLY BLOODY THERE NOW WOOP WOOP WOOP! I can confirm, I’m kinda falling for candles since getting this, I like the dim flicker of the candle light to read my books, drink my brew and pig out on chocolate with. It’s possible I may become a crazy candle lady on top of every other thing I hoard. Oops, not even sorry.


Alas we are now at the end, though I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m hitting you with another haul, as I said I’m pretty dang sure Primark has brought it’s most recent range out this week and I may have caught a glimpse of some really exciting items from the wizarding world! I can’t control myself because I don’t know how…. But you love me for it honestly, I’ll be here for a while!! Yes I have indeed just stolen My Chemical Romance lyrics to adapt to my unruly splurges. Another problem of which I can’t keep restrained.

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

6 thoughts on “Perfect Primark Purchases of the Summer Season”

  1. I love the baby clothes you got!! You’re gonna need A LOT of baby clothes! They outgrow them sooo quick! And I think it’s adorable that you love rabbits and want to dress her up in rabbit themed clothes, for us it was monkeys but as you know, we didn’t have pet monkeys LMAO
    I love cami’s so much, I lived in them for months when I was pregnant and when I gave birth because they were so comfortable and not super tight on me. 🙂
    And of course, leave it to you to get HP stuff anytime you go shopping hahaha only you lol
    Can’t wait to see that dress on you doll! Totally deserve to treat yourself! xx
    And…..I should probbaly try a pumpkin candle, everyone likes Autumn because of pumpkin spiced lattes and what not lol. I’ve only had pumpkin baked goods and I fell in love lol. Gotta expand the pumpkin items this season lmao. I’m planning on decorating my house a bit 🙂

    P.S. reposting comment, I didn’t enter my website correctly, lmao

    1. She’s got all sorts of stuff not just rabbits, there’s mice, elephants, giraffes, you name it. Ha ha yeah I couldn’t not, I’m gonna need something to wear for my birthday after all, not that I even know if I’m doing anything at all for it yet.. With Primark prices you can’t go wrong though, and there is a Christening coming up soon that the little lady and I are off to, so I can always dress it down with some flat shoes and plain tights for that maybe! 😉

      Hahaha I can’t stop myself! I’ve done it again since this post… Oops. Been on the lookout for the HP baby stuff that Primark’s brought out this season but they don’t seem to have them in my area, so gutted. 🙁 I need the Dobby cup in my life too!

      I think I must be the only person left who’s never had a pumpkin spice latte!!! You’ll have to send me some pictures of your decorations! Y’know what I’m like for Fall and Halloween! 😛

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