Beauty Bingo #07 and #08 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy.

Due to my month off from blogging in July it meant missing out on the Beauty Bingo collaboration I work on with the lovely Rossy, so for August’s instalment I’ve decided to group the two together in a double Beauty Bingo Bonanza. No missing out over at Disaster Davis HQ!

The rules are simple…
1. Pick your palette – I’ve chosen the Laroc Beginners Collection Summer Tones for today’s post.
2. Cut out small paper pieces numbered and lettered according to the columns and rows in your chosen palette.
3. Separate the pieces into rows and columns then proceed to choosing five from each, this will determine your Bingo coordinates! Mine are as follows:
B – C4, R12
I – C9, R3
N – C7, R8
G – C8, R6
O – C1, R10

4. Get creative! You must use all five colours. Extra products can of course be used to perfect the complete look such as eye liner and mascara, so long as the chosen shadows are out to play!

So I’m back to using my Laroc palette for three months (July/August/September) and I’m pretty excited by the fact, always good to switch it up a little, isn’t it? So picking out the co-ordinates for July and having a look at them I thought they seemed like pretty easy colours to incorporate into one look.. Aside from the pink shade, not impossible to do, but I thought that if anything were to potentially ruin the end result it would be that! As it happens it turned out quite okay for me, thankfully! I were due to go and meet a friend, so knew that I wanted something quite wearable for every day use, therefore the brown shade were perfect for a blended transition, I used the orange as the main colour and as the pink shade is so pale it meant that the two colours didn’t clash – phew! For a little pop of colour the green and blue worked well together under my lash line, by the way, how gorgeous is that teal/blue shade on the swatch?! Paired with a nude lip I feel this overall look definitely passes off well for every day use!

So now it’s onto this months Beauty Bingo look, for which I’ve used the same Laroc palette and the co-ordinates for this one are below.

B: C10, R2
I: C6, R7
N: C3, R4
G: C2, R9
O: C5, R1

Again there’s a very green presence… Does this challenge wish to turn me into a tree? However the (B) shade really excited me as I were yet to use any of the marble/speckled shades and I were insanely intrigued as to how it would turn out. We do of course have a grey and purple slotting into this one, so I were thankful for something at least a little different. I feel like they’re all colours of which complement one another well, although I kind of wish I’d put them together in a different way, rather than using the purple shade in the middle of my lid, having it as a liner or in one of the corners, something like that… It kind of feels a little off to me somehow, though I wanted to make it a little different to how I usually would. Stick to what you know now, Davis.

So what do you think to my July and August contributions, would you rock any of these yourself? I do hope that a double dose has enthused you somewhat and please do share any of your own looks with myself and Rossy as we’d love to see your talents! Speaking of which, don’t forget to take a look at Rossy’s July and August creations too!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

6 thoughts on “Beauty Bingo #07 and #08 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy.”

  1. Love them both! Although I must say I’m a sucker for natural looking looks (the first one) with pops of color, those always seem to be the ones that stand out the most to me. And you’re right, you’ve been getting lots of green shades lol.
    Love them doll! You did such a nice job! 🙂 And can I say that you look more mature now? I can’t wait for baby to arrive! 😀

    1. It’s like I’m some kind of magnet for the greens, so glad I got a little respite from it in the last one too, starting to think I’m turning into a tree! Glad you liked the looks and ha ha it’ll be because I’ve turned to skin and bone! My face is so gaunt now that I look constantly ill, make-up is most definitely needed just to make me look like I still have blood pumping in my veins! Apparently I’m channelling my inner death eater this year.

    1. They’re perfect for something like this challenge because there’s so many colours to play with! Smaller palettes just don’t do the trick. I do have to say though that I prefer my MURL palette that I also use for this challenge, I’ve found the pigmentation is a lot better! Then again, I am MURL obsessed so this doesn’t surprise me even slightly. 😛

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