Perfect Primark Purchases of the Summer Season

So a little birdie tells me that actually Primark have brought out their new range of gizmos and gadgets this week but I’m sure some of the odds and sods included in this here haul will still be obtainable if you try hard enough! With that said, how could I fail to post today’s round up of my most recent loot? Some of the stuff in here is way too epic (maybe even a little magical) to not do so!

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Beauty Bingo #07 and #08 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy.

Due to my month off from blogging in July it meant missing out on the Beauty Bingo collaboration I work on with the lovely Rossy, so for August’s instalment I’ve decided to group the two together in a double Beauty Bingo Bonanza. No missing out over at Disaster Davis HQ!

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Dobby Has No Master, Dobby Is A Free Elf!

You may have noticed that I recently took another break and decided to schedule no posts for the last month.. I’ve missed my little space on the internet so much in that time yet have still been lacking everything it is that I’ve needed to make blogging my happy place once more.. Well, thankfully fellow blogger and awesome person, Britt, has picked the perfect time to give me a much needed kick to the rear and with a little felix felicis and flick of my wand I’m back with what is the most exciting tag I have ever been bestowed!

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