Baby Showers: 3 top tips to perfect party planning

Party planning of any kind can be an utter nightmare, but planning a baby shower pretty last minute when you’re the one who’s expecting? Yikes… Sounds like a whole lot of stress to me! I should know, as I’ve just done that exact thing myself and I’m delighted to be able to tell you that it need not be a huge traumatic ordeal, either!

So you’ve decided you’d like a baby shower but would rather plan it yourself, that’s amazing! Party planning can be so much fun, there’s no need to feel like you’re being a burden on anybody else and you get the baby shower to be just how you want it! You may have an idea already of when you’d like it to happen, it is after all the best place to start! I personally wanted mine quite earlier than the traditional shower, we have so many people demanding our time in later pregnancy, even more so if you have a mental health team involved, so that were one reason… I knew I’d just be too stressed and busy the longer I left it. I knew there would be people wishing to get me something for my little girl, too, though I’d stipulated that the day were more about spending time with my loved ones, and so I didn’t want to start shopping properly myself until afterwards so that I wouldn’t end up with too much of certain things or duplicate items.. I did however, want to know my babies gender and so decided that between 23 and 24 weeks would be my ideal. At six weeks before my intended ideal date, my brain suddenly switched on and I realised that, oh, bummer.. That leaves me with like no time at all, time to get plotting, and so within the next 24 hours I’d planned the games I wanted, had made a plan regarding food and refreshments, had decided on and booked the venue and thought about decor. Then came the invites and the race against the clock to organise a cake! Some things went to plan perfectly whilst others didn’t, but overall I had a fantastic day with a tonne of my favourite people. This being said I’ve decided to share with you some of my top tips.

1. Cake Run!
Once you have a date booked with your chosen venue I highly recommend your next step to be organising the cake, especially if you’re wanting to use a cake maker and to have something specially made for the event. This is an area in which dropped a bird poop right on my head, as I got let down last minute. In the end my Mom hunted down and bought me a cake instead which turned out, thankfully, to be pretty spot on, and I decided to get some shop bought cupcakes – crisis averted! Having this to deal with a few days before an event is definitely more stress than is needed though! Definitely get someone booked early on, that way if you get let down you may have long enough left to book somebody reliable or at least have plenty of time to figure out another back up plan like I did.

2. Pinterest is your new best friend!
Honestly the best thing I did were to utilise Pinterest, I made myself a new board and checked out a million and one different pins, websites and articles for party game inspiration, decor and anything else baby shower related. Within no time at all I had decided on so many games that there were actually too many! Having one simple board to save the pins means I had easy access to everything as soon as I needed it. After this, the only thing left to do were gather supplies or print out a few bits and bats. If you’d like to see the pins I saved then feel free to check out my pinterest boards here.

3. Don’t rely on RSVPs!
Hands down, by far, the most stressful thing EVER! I were losing my head so much with people being awkward sods in general. When time, effort and funds have been put into an event and your nearest and dearest can’t do a simple task such as clicking on a button.. Well let me tell you it definitely leads you to question your worth to them, what is so hard about having simple manners? I’d booked a buffet for the venue and chose to give a random number.. Had this been a sit down event I’d have truly been stuffed as there were people still messing around on the day! – Side note to anyone being invited along to something.. When giving an RSVP always at least attempt to do to it in a timely manner and base it on truth. If you say you will definitely be there then do so, unless there’s an extremely good reason for not being, but I can assure you that nobody will ever appreciate being told you’re attending when you’ve never had any intention of doing so. If you don’t wish to attend then decline, it honestly is that simple and will be much better received. Treat other’s with the same respect you’d like to be shown!


Why did you have your baby shower so early on in your pregnancy?
I’ve explained this one further up, but this one I’ve been asked a few times.. I wanted to be mobile enough still to enjoy it, as stress free as is possible, and wanted to avoid duplicate things or too much of some stuff.. As it happens, I got a tonne of 0-3 clothing which I expected to be the case, had I gone out buying my own in that size, I’d end up with way too much, this way I know what sizing I’m better off buying myself for my little girl, and any individual items still left over.. From the gifts we’ve received I can now go on to make myself a list of what is actually still needed! I found this approach much easier than having a bunch of people ask me what I still need and spouting off a list, this way people had choice and everything has been greatly appreciated!

Why did you plan it yourself rather than someone else doing it?
Why put the strain on someone else to make the choices? I’d rather take that pressure off of another person, where they need not worry if I’m going to like something they’ve chosen etc. Why assume someone else should put in money and effort on my behalf? What happens when it comes to invites, I have friends from many different groups, nobody would be equipped to know who I’d like to be there and who I’d rather not be included.

Why did you have guys there, isn’t a baby shower a woman’s thing?
Actually it’s becoming increasingly more common to have a mix of genders. In this day and age where people have spent so much time fighting for gay rights, gender rights, equality etc, why on earth would we still be segregating people purely based on gender? Surely that’s wrong! I have both male and female friends, it were an event in which I wanted to have my friends around me, therefore why leave out the guys for having male parts, the males that were in attendance found they had a great time, just as much as the ladies, freedom of choice is a beautiful thing!

Why weren’t Taylor (my partner) there?
Okay, hold up.. So the same people asking why males were invited, would also turn to me and question where Taylor were.. One minute you ask why guys are there, to then ask why my child’s father isn’t there… Maybe I’m losing the plot but that sounds utterly contradictory to me. However, it’s not something he were overly enthused over and we’d only just sorted ourselves out and agreed to give the relationship another go.. I don’t need the guy joined to my hip, I want to put him in a wooden box on the best of days as it is! 😛

I felt I’d share my FAQ’s for other’s that are in the planning process, to show you that it’s YOUR baby shower, thus meaning you’re entitled to do what you please.. It’s your special time to celebrate the life you’ve created, refuse to listen to other people’s opinions, you’ll get plenty of them all throughout your pregnancy and way into motherhood.. They don’t matter, what matters is you, your little miracle, your family. If you have any of your own top tips feel free to share them in the comments and share your experience!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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    1. Tell me about it! It’s a god send, even though I’m still not 100% sure what the heck I’m doing with it. At least it’s aesthetically pleasing despite sometimes confusing my poor muddled mind.

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