Insane children, unique scars and a love for odd numbers

We have a nice break from the usual topics on here today because I’ve been nominated by the lovely Gaby for the Leibster Award! Be sure to keep reading in case I’ve gone on to nominate you!

The rules:

1. Post eleven facts about yourself.
2. Answer the eleven questions your nominator asked in their post.
3. Nominate eleven other bloggers of your choice.
4. Come up with your own eleven questions for your nominees.
5. Let your nominees know that they’ve been chosen!
6. Link back to the person of which nominated you.

My Facts…

1. I really dislike even numbers… Therefore the fact that this award is based around the number eleven is extremely pleasing for me, although if we wanted to be spot on we’d go for my favourite number, thirteen.
2. My favourite scar to this date is an upside down horseshoe on my right ankle, although it’s probably one of the things that brings me so much bad luck! Coincidentally it’s because of my Dad that it ever happened, too… Since the absolute clot thinks tipping out a bag full of glass fairy lights onto the living room floor where his seven year old child is playing with toys, and asking said seven year old child to organise them for him, is a genius idea.
3. I were born with a blonde streak in my fringe, over the years it’s darkened somewhat and is only really noticeable now in the summer months, but I’ve always found it pretty cool.
4. I’m animal obsessed, if I see an animal in person, in a picture, or in any other form, chances are that I’ll want it. If I could I’d definitely live in a huge house filled with every animal possible! Actually, better still I’d get my own planet full of animals and to hell with the human race!
5. Despite my love for odd numbers, I don’t like them when they end in a five, because to me it feels too ‘even’ due to being in the middle.
6. I prefer dessert first, not because I want ‘the best first’ or whatever it is people assume it to be, but actually because of the fact that nine times out of ten my favourite part of a meal is the main and I’d rather savour that!
7. I’m qualified in acting and will almost ALWAYS get up to do karaoke, despite being utterly terrified by being ‘the centre of attention’ and having absolutely zero confidence in myself. I’m a bit of a contradiction.
8. I confuse people when it comes to how many siblings I have, as I’m my Dad’s only child, my Mom’s youngest of three, but have managed to end up with two sisters and three brothers. Yeah, try figure that one out! 😉
9. I first fell in love at the age of two and a half years old… June 28th 1994… This is the day my oldest niece, Amber, were born.. I honestly believe there has NEVER been an Auntie in existence to love and be proud of their little girl more than I were and always will be of her. Despite being a child myself, I took on the role of being her Mom on the side, as well as her best friend, Auntie and sister. Over the years I’ve often wondered how I’ll ever love my own children as much as I love her.
10. Speaking of which, I’ll soon find out, as I’m 22 weeks pregnant and expecting my own little girl at the end of September. I’ve always wanted kids and always thought I’d be absolutely top-notch, made for motherhood and all that, now it’s happening and I’ve never been more terrified in my entire life! Does the nappy go on their head?
11. As a small child my Dad had taught me to roar at people I didn’t like, like that of a lion… Therefore as well as growling at men (awful creatures, aren’t they ha ha?), I would also sit under a table and growl at my reception teacher because I didn’t want to come and sit on the carpet with the other children, because I were far too shy.. In my late teens when I started working at my old primary school, the teacher in question reminded me of this, in the packed out staff room on our lunch break… Whilst the really hot co-worker I had my eye on were sitting in the room with us too. I wanted the floor to swallow me.

Questions I were asked by Gaby..

1. How long have you had your blog for?
Disaster Davis started up on October 1st 2015, therefore it’s around one and a half years old, although I’ve recently jumped over to self hosting at the start of this month!
2. What’s been your biggest challenge since starting your blog?
Keeping up to regular posting when you’re having a mega life crisis outside of your online life.. Or having to get back to blogging after any kind of break. I’m trying so hard right now to manage all of my blogging bits and bats after taking months off and I’m not even treading water with it, I’m at one with the sharks!
3. What’s been the best moment of your blogging career so far?
This is a really hard one because I could come up with a million answers from the friendships I’ve made, to receiving some form of acknowledgement for my writing, being involved in collaborations etc… I think I’ll probably have to go with becoming self hosted, though… The excitement from doing that is honestly unfathomable!
4. Favourite kind of music?
I like bits and bats from a ridiculous amount of genres but I’ll have to go for alternative/punk rock/pop punk.. Bands such as Blink-182 are where my heart is at!
5. What’s your favourite topic to write about?
I honestly enjoy blogging about SO much so this is another hard one for me to answer, when I’m really excited about something I enjoy my writing so much more, therefore product reviews or book reviews would probably be the most fitting, but I do love to bang on about my fur babies, too, so pet care stuff is always quite enjoyable to write!
6. Do you blog full or part time?
Part time, though now I’m self hosted I have a never ending blog to do list which I hope to put a LOT more time and effort into from now on.
7. Who’s been your biggest inspiration for writing? (Doesn’t have to be a blogger)
First and foremost, as self centred as this is probably going to come across, I’m inspired by myself and my own passion for not just writing but all creative endeavours! It’s something I really enjoy, so why wouldn’t I want to continue working on different things? As far as other writers go, I have a huge love for J.K Rowling, Jojo Moyes, Nicholas Sparks and Danielle Steel.. The more I read and become involved in another world the more of a desire I have to write myself. For me, the written word is life!
8. What’s your blog goal for the year?
Get on top of my posts and be given a miracle when it comes to having my little girl, in the sense that I can somehow juggle motherhood and a blog and everything else in life at the same time. (Sending me all the good luck in the world would be highly appreciated, thanks!)
9. Are you for or against click bait?
I’m for the whole using a catchy title to interest readers, but ONLY do that when it actually has something to do with what you’re writing about etc… I’m SO against anything that involves clicking through a laggy page a million times for one really badly written sentence per few pages… Either give me the goods in one page or don’t bother!
10. What made you want to start blogging?
I have a passion for writing and I were enjoying reading other blogs, it seemed like fun and I wanted to be a part of it. I have to say it’s been one of the best choices I’ve made! I’ve made one of the best friends possible simply through blogging, you really don’t know what’s going to come from something so simple!
11. What’s at the top of your bucket list?
I wouldn’t say I have a bucket list as such… I’m more of a setting shorter term goals kind of person (which right now would be to give myself a kick and get on with learning to drive), but I’d absolutely love the chance to visit New Zealand someday. Yeah, I’m easily pleased… No crazy stuff such as being thrown out of a plane for me!

My Nominations…

Rossy from AyR Galaxy
Elisabeth from Everything and Nothin’
Naomi from Naomi Rowan
Britt from Alternatively Speaking
Ailsa from Ailsa Jane
JohnnieLynn from xoJohnnieLynn
Courtney from The Curly Anomaly
Jessica from Diary of a Toronto Girl
Natalie from Gorgeous and Geeky

I realise there isn’t the full eleven nominations here, that’s mostly because I’ve been failing to read many blogs recently, I need some new reading material desperately so please do feel free to get in touch if you think your blog is what I’m looking for, as I’d love to have a peek!

So ladies, first off, thank you for having blogs of which I enjoy spending time on and for giving me inspiration daily because you’re all generally kick ass people! It’s now time for your questions, what I’d like to know is…..

1. What’s your ultimate guilty pleasure?
2. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be, why?
3. What’s your most embarrassing story?
4. If you were to start a secondary blog, what would it be about?
5. Have you ever had your writing published, aside from your own blog?
6. Which animal do you most identify with and why?
7. What is your favourite childhood memory?
8. What do you find to be the most annoying thing associated with blogging?
9. Is there anything you’d go back and do differently with your blogging journey?
10. If you’d have been born in any other time, which would you choose for yourself? (Pick anything, even walking around with dinosaurs if that’s what floats your boat!)
11. With the knowledge and experience you have now, what one thing would you go back and tell yourself as a child?

Well that’s that, I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a bit more about me and for the lovelies I’ve nominated I do hope they’ll enjoy writing up their own posts, I can’t wait to read your answers. Is there any burning questions of your own of which you wish I’d have been asked?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

9 thoughts on “Insane children, unique scars and a love for odd numbers”

  1. I enjoyed reading this so much. I cant believe I never knew you were qualified in acting. That definitely explains the karaoke video from that other time with the peachy revealing dress lol.
    And I would love to know about your fur babies! Lol I know you showed me pics of the rabbits already but I’d love to know everything because they’re so adorable! Haha. Every time I visit my neighbors I stop by to see their bunny and I always remember that you have some too lol.
    And thanks so much for nominating me, that means a lot (obviously 😉). BUT, I don’t do blog awards on my blog anymore 🙁 just because they take up a lot of time from me and I would really like to create other content instead. So I’m sorry, because you’re questions were really good too! 😢

    1. Hahah I have a few little tricks up my sleeve here and there! The YouTube video is all at the fault of my family, they’re sneaky little souls catching me on camera! My cousin got another one of me a few weeks back looking a LOT more pregnant this time!

      Aww that’s cute! I’ve just remembered I were supposed to be guest posting somewhere about the fur babies when I came back to blogging, I may have to look through the e-mails and get something sorted out there just for you! 😉

      No worries, it’s a worthy nomination none the less! I’m glad you liked the questions still, my mind always goes completely blank when it comes to asking people things! Answering them I’m fine with, but thinking stuff up or coming up with the random facts – it took ages, I were sat flapping at my Mom like a headless chicken about to be plucked!

    1. Really glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much! Ha ha if I keep reminding myself a baby is growing in here then I might be used to the fact by the time I have to push! The whole situation seems like utter madness!

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