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It’s time for some shopping today! I have quite a mash up of things in this haul post as it’s indeed a collective which is including the past month or so. Some of the things, well most really, haven’t been bought by me either (thanks Mom, love you), because I’m just a spoilt princess like that, you see! I wanted to share these items too, regardless of this, because they’ve just gotten me far too giddy!

Nikon Coolpix B500 Camera – Amazon – £219

This utter beauty is one of those ‘spoilt princess’ things thanks to my epic Mom! You may be aware that my old camera died, so when I finally came to terms with the fact that I’d need a new one my Mom said she’d foot the bill, I went on my search and fell for this! I wanted something that had better specifications than my old one, because what’s the point of not upgrading? At the same time however, examples such as the Canon 70D were just a tad too ridiculous. This, for me, is perfect. Whilst the pixels aren’t quite on par with the Canon, they’re not far off either, but what really got me feeling enthused were the FPS rate which actually rivals the 70D! (Nikon Coolpix B500 = 7.4, Canon 70D = 7) There’s a tonne of other cool things of course but I would definitely check it out if or when you’re looking for something new yourself. To say this is a ‘bridge’ camera and is pretty top-notch all round (not to mention how stunning it is) I feel that the Amazon price of £219 is pretty damn good! The only negative I could pull out of the bag would be the view finder, simply because it’s not technically a viewfinder and instead only moves in angles of which can be seen from a shooting point rather than from the front. If I’m missing something or not here, I don’t know, but to me that just seems a little pointless. Otherwise, I’m utterly smitten with this treasure! Absolute pride and joy!

Navitech Camera Bag – Amazon – £14.99

This is another Amazon find, I couldn’t be having my new love being without protection now, could I? Bonus points for this bag are that it’s also purple and it’s waterproof! I’m satisfied with the quality as it’s a snug and secure fit for my equipment, whilst being well padded for ultimate protection.

Sandisk Ultra 64GB Memory Card – Amazon – £19.99

I feel like this were an absolute bargain at a penny less than twenty quid as 64GB is more than enough memory space for even professional photographers! I felt I definitely needed a new memory card as I aren’t sure if my old ones are corrupt! Best to take no chances, ey?

Camouflage Joggers – Select – £12.99

Select seem to have some really nice things in at the moment, but since I’m pregnant and it’s all about comfort or finding things that won’t look ridiculous with my bump I took the opportunity of hunting down some bottoms, seeing as how the majority of my wardrobe is filled with tops! These have an elasticated waist and cuffs at the bottom of the leg so they’ll be nice and comfy for my bump and fit me nicely in length despite being a short arse. They’re really comfy and I can’t wait to doss around in them. They probably wouldn’t look too bad even for a quick trip to the pub, not that I can drink! *Sobs*

Patterned Pants – Select – £12.99 Each

I’m grouping these two up as they’re the same price and essentially the same item, aside for having a different pattern. These are definitely more comfortable items that compliment my bump perfectly, but they’re more dressy and will do just nicely for going out and about on an evening. Patterns aren’t a usual thing for me therefore having something fresh in my wardrobe is rather exciting! The material is light and loose, perfect for warmer weather.

Checked Shirt Dress – Primark – £13

This is one of those really versatile items that can just be worn in so many different ways! As a dress on it’s own or with a belt, over jeans, or opened up over a plain spaghetti strap top with jeans. It is rather long which is why I prefer to belt it, but again this is spot on for the growing bump!

Deathly Hallows Tee – Primark – £8

This is easily my favourite item of clothing in this entire thing! If you are a huge Potter nerd like myself, and therefore possibly a fan of the fantastic Cherry Wallis, too, then you may have spotted this already on her channel. There’s nothing I dislike about it, I love the Deathly Hallows sign, the design overall, the fit and the small holes in it of which give it a grunge kind of look. I’m simply in love.

Expecto Patronum Tee – Primark – £8

Another must have, another Harry Potter tee, this one feels a little more casual than the last but also has a special place in my heart. Some days we all need our patronus charms at the ready, and how nice is the colour? It’s so unique.

Fantastic Beasts PJS – Primark – £10 Each item

My fan-girling knows no bounds! I saw these and fell in love, yet again. I could live in them forever, they’re so incredibly cosy and soft. I literally can get away with wearing the top out and about too, considering it’s ‘loungewear’ and doubles as a jumper!

Giraffe Teddy – Primark – £2 were £4

Last item of the Primark trip is this giraffe teddy from my Mom, for the baby.. My Mom is although having issues with attachment here due to her immense giraffe obsession. I may have to try get her one myself before they’re all snapped up.

Notebook – Asda – Approx £1.50

Finally, some things I bought! Looking through all of this has been making me feel like a cheap skate. I have a slight obsession for notebooks and it’s pretty.. When I say slight I actually mean that it’s probably a bit of a problem, actually. Stationary makes me happy okay!

Earphones – Asda – £7

I can’t even say how long I’ve been in need of earphones because it’s simply been far too long, seeing these I had to grab a pair because it’s been somewhat impossible to spot them anywhere else for some reason. These have the standard fitting for laptops and most phones etc and came with different sized ear thingy ma bobs, so yeah.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Boots – £4.19

This snuck into the picture with my Asda purchases somehow although I picked it up at Boots! We know by now that my holy grail product is Lasting Perfection concealer and it’s an ultimate must have. My usual shade weren’t in stock so I picked up the darker shade which is one up from my usual, good thing that it’s almost Summer, although there’s not a whole lot of difference between the two. These weren’t on offer this time like they often are so that were rather disheartening.

Tommee Tippee Bottles pack of 3 – Asda – £12

Some may find it ridiculous that I got the coloured bottles when I could have settled for boring plain old white, but I wanted something a little more bright – okay? These come in a six pack also and in the recent Asda ‘baby event’ were something like £10 I think, which is pretty darn good, but of course they’d sold out of the six packs and I had to instead make do with two packs of three, costing me a lot chuffin’ more! At least I’ve managed to spot plenty of bargains in the bigger baby stuff which totally means I could happily indulge guilt free! Don’t get in the way of a pregnant woman with her heart set on something!

Toys and Baby Walker – From a Friend – £40

Ultimate bargain right here. Baby stuff is so expensive and some things really don’t need to be brand new, so when it comes to things like toys I really do recommend grabbing deals like this where possible. Here there’s an activity table, activity walker, sit and ride plane and a baby walker, all for £40 from a friend and all in great condition. A baby walker alone could have cost me more than that!

Baby Swing – Facebook Group – £25

I found this on a baby group on Facebook full of other Mom’s and Mom’s to be living in my local area. You can easily be looking at £40+ minimum for a baby swing so for this battery operated beauty in perfect condition costing only £25 (including delivery) you really can’t go wrong. This is probably my favourite baby thing so far, I can’t wait to see my little girl in it!


Did anything catch your eye in today’s post? What were your favourite item? *Picture of the Fantastic Beasts PJs were taken from the Primark Website and not by myself, as my own are currently somewhere in my bottomless pit of which is the washing basket!*

With Love,
Disaster Davis x


2 thoughts on “Crazy Collective Hauls – Technology, Fashion, Baby and More”

  1. That’s awesome that you were able to find some baby stuff for cheap. And you’ll most likely get so much more during your baby shower. And I totally recommend more dresses, especially when it gets warmer lol.

    1. Tell me about it, it’s been such a life saver, everything is so expensive otherwise, even the most simple of things! Her Daddy bought her a cute little pink dress the other day while grocery shopping, she’s not going to be in many to start with though since she’ll be born in Fall.. Definitely not having her out of cute little dresses once summer rolls around again though, just until then she’s going to have to wear tights and things with them *sobs*. It’s ridiculously hard finding any warmer Winter clothing for her at the minute, she’ll need all that for 3 – 6 months and I literally only have one onesie so far! It’s the coolest little thing ever though, a giraffe! SO cute and it’s really cuddly too, I won’t be able to put her down!

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