Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

Earlier this week I mentioned my time being AWOL this year due to some tremendous changes in my personal life, that the blog would be getting another topic added and that I would soon let you in on this crazy and chaotic occurrence.. Well today is that day. A few friends in the blogging community are already aware but for the rest…

I’m pregnant! Yep, it were a shocker for me too! This does indeed mean that the new topics will be anything pregnancy and baby related, hauls will likely be filled with baby stuff and who knows what else to come! It were a shock to the system, which of course brought about a tonne of alterations to my life on top of some really difficult situations. I couldn’t be happier about my child, though it definitely hasn’t been an easy ride and I’ve been in probably the worst place within my head to this date. When you lose all motivation to do even the most basic of everyday tasks and your willingness to even engage in your favourite hobbies has evaporated, then any hope of finding the inspiration to write posts and run a blog is lost in a barren wasteland. I tried so many times to turn it around and force something from myself, though it would have been lacklustre, regardless. The fact that my camera gave up on life only gave me the perfect excuse to go on my blogging hiatus! Anyway, less of this…

Back to the exciting stuff! I thought I’d announce this news to you now because as of Wednesday I’ve been able to not have to simply refer to my child as ‘it’, (does that annoy you as much as it has done with me? It’s just so impersonal and seems so.. Harsh and uncaring!) the baby now has a known gender… A GIRL! Honestly, I didn’t care, so long as she’s healthy, but somehow the whole situation feels so much more magical due to her being a mini me… I’ll get to play with my dolls house and Barbie’s again!! Like, I’m so eager to be a child again! I’m pretty certain that clothes shopping is much more fun for girls, too. She already has a name, not that I’m posting it for privacy reasons and all, additionally I don’t want any cretins stealing her name and ruining it for me. She’s due at the end of September and my plan is that I’ll have plenty of posts wrote already to tide me over, though if there’s erratic posting at that time then you’ll know why! On that note I shall leave you with a few pictures of her development so far!

Do you have little ones? Did you find out the gender at twenty weeks or leave it a surprise? I’d love to hear your own stories or any tips for balancing blogging whilst becoming a first time Mommy!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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