Love or Loathe? Katie Price Nude Palette Review

Katie Price; pretty much the human version of marmite, people tend to love her or hate her – but is her new venture into the world of cosmetics a hit or miss?

So I’ve been a fan of Katie’s for a long time now and were naturally excited by the news that she would be bringing out her own beauty range. Whilst my liking for her in no way would shape my overall opinion, being a former model, I did have high hopes for her products! Katie’s range can be found at TAM Beauty which for me, only thrilled me more as it’s the home to my favourite drugstore brand, Make-Up Revolution London. Due to this it led me into thinking that Katie’s range would also be on the affordable side, which I were delighted to find were the case. Something of which gives me the ultimate feeling of euphoria is the fact that TAM Beauty products are all 100% cruelty free, being that none of the products you buy from them have been tested on animals! Now just to see if the products themselves are anything to write home about. I received the nude palette for Christmas, so believe me when I say that I’ve waited so long to be able to share my findings with you! I feel ready to burst.

The packaging failed to really enthral me, though this is probably the only negative I could attempt to give! I simply feel that the materials used leave a cheap impression, but can a person really complain when the palette itself only retails at £10? A quick heads up – this is currently a sale item and is priced at an unbelievable £6.67!!! All twelve shades are well pigmented and apply like a dream, blending is ridiculously easy with all, regardless of using a light nude shade or one of the darker colours. Another bonus, if you don’t go crazy and simply shove eyeshadows on in any insane fashion, you’ll find there’s not much fall out from the product, if any. The colours included complement one another well and there’s most certainly a variation of looks achievable, be it for throughout the day or night! The brush gets plenty of use from me, too. The fluffy side is lovely and soft and is what I believe to be the perfect size for blending, the other side however is quite rigid, I’m not sure if it’s only mine that’s like this or if it’s the same case for everyone, although it results in it actually being really handy for packing on product or for working on a precise line for the outer V!

This versatile palette is definitely a must have in my opinion, especially considering the current sale price already mentioned. It quickly became a favourite of mine and I’ve had so much use from it already, without making much of an impression in the pots!

Do you own this already, what were your thoughts? Is there any of Katie’s other products you feel that I absolutely must try next?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

12 thoughts on “Love or Loathe? Katie Price Nude Palette Review”

    1. Thank YOU for reading and commenting! I’m really happy with the colour selection, I don’t often use pinky colours but with this palette I even use the pinky colours, so it’s got to be doing something right for me to do that ha ha!

  1. I don’t know this brand (or the person) but this seems like a very nice palette and for this price, I find it impressive. Thanks for sharing this review!

    Ioanna |

    1. Oh it really is! I’m utterly amazed by the current sale price, kinda makes me want to stock up for the hell of it! Definitely worth it, though I love the palette even at it’s usual RRP! Thank YOU for taking the time to show an interest! 🙂

  2. I’m not sure who Katie Price is but the shades look so buttery smooth. And I’m pretty sure that this palette has some shades or at least similar shades to my favorite Ulta palette, lol. Great review doll!<3

    1. Thanks honey, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Ha ha she’s pretty controversial! Mostly known for her glamour modelling career, though these days she’s an all round business woman, with her finger in pretty much every pie going! I’m in love with this palette, literally… Which makes me SO damn annoyed that I seem to have misplaced it, not seen it in around a week! 🙁

    1. Your comment has actually just really excited me, thank you! I were starting to think I were maybe a little late to be getting my thoughts out there on the product, so it’s really good to know that I haven’t been and that I’m still managing to have brought some new information to the table ha ha!

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