Beauty Bingo #01 with Disaster Davis and AyR Galaxy

Have you had a peek at my New Years collaboration with Rossy of AyR Galaxy yet? If not, you know what to do! We used that as the perfect opportunity to announce our new monthly collaboration together and today is the day I shall get started on it! If you hadn’t noticed I’m a few weeks behind with my blogging so please excuse me, anyway… Is anyone up for a good ol’ game of Bingo?!

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5 Goals for 2017 and reflecting on the past year

We are now a little over half way through the first month of a fresh new year and of course I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I’d like to achieve in 2017 and reflecting on how I did with my 2016 goals. Fancy joining me on this journey and simultaneously thinking about kicking ass with your own life? Come on then!

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Glorious Gifts: Christmas and Birthday Haul

As it’s of course just been Christmas, also accompanied by my birthday, and since people tend to enjoy these types of posts, I thought that today I’d share with you some of the treats I were spoilt with! As a disclaimer I would like to highlight that I aren’t in any way attempting to show off. I’m extremely grateful for the gifts I receive, but more so than that, the family and friends giving them to me. As I say, these posts typically entertain many, I also feel that it’s a good opportunity to give you an idea of some of the items and products I’ll be able to write reviews for, if you so desire.

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#BeautiesOnFire – New Year, New Look

It’s time again for another #BeautiesOnFire post, you voted on Twitter and decided that our theme for this week would be New Year, New Look! Firstly, if you’re unsure as to what this whole #BeautiesOnFire thing is (where have you been hiding?) then please feel free to check out my introduction post below, additionally you may peruse the past themes.

Introducing the Beauties On Fire!
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#BeautiesOnFire – Take me to Wonderland
#BeautiesOnFire – I solemnly swear I am up to no good!
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#BeautiesOnFire – 7 Deadly Sins
#BeautiesOnFire – Why so serious?
#BeautiesOnFire – 7 ways to smash your interview
#BeautiesOnFire – Remarkably Retro, Rock and Roll
#BeautiesOnFire – 5 Reasons to Fall for Autumn
#BeautiesOnFire – Dawn of the Undead
#BeautiesOnFire – To love the earth is our desire
#BeautiesOnFire – How to ensure you enjoy gigs
#BeautiesOnFire – Destructive and Depraved: Death Eaters
#BeautiesOnFire – Facing into the Future
#BeautiesOnFire – A Little Light in the Dark
#BeautiesOnFire – Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Wanted!
#BeautiesOnFire – How to appreciate the great outdoors
#BeautiesOnFire – Forgotten Favourites
#BeautiesOnFire – The 12 Days of Christmas
#BeautiesOnFire – Delightful December Favourites
#BeautiesOnFire – The Best of 2016

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Fabulous or flop? The 24 Secret Surprises of Advent

Happy New Year! I thought I’d start 2017 off with a beauty review, you may have seen on my Instagram story last month that my beautiful Mom bought me a cosmetics Advent calendar, well that’s exactly what I’m playing around with today!

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Happy New Year from Disaster Davis and AYR Galaxy!

I don’t usually post on a Saturday but I have a special announcement from myself and the lovely Rossy, we’re also collaborating together tonight to bring you our favourite New Years Eve inspired looks just in time for tonight’s crazy antics and party’s!

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