Crazy Christmas Chaos: Make-Up Gift Ideas

Exactly how did it get to November so quickly? Already we’re a week through, too! Okay, scary thought, the Christmas shopping season starts now, if it hasn’t already. If you’re like me and the thought of so much to do and having so little time to do it in is utterly terrifying, then worry not. Throughout this month I’ll be bringing you posts filled with inspiration, starting with cosmetics. Simply click a picture for more information!










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9 thoughts on “Crazy Christmas Chaos: Make-Up Gift Ideas”

    1. I know right?! I’m a little obsessed with Make-Up Revolution London and I recently found the TamBeauty website, I think it’s quickly become my favourite place for make-up. My Mom has an order from them already full of things for me for Christmas and I’m waiting on an order I made on behalf of my Nanna for myself haha! Very pleased with them so far.

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