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It’s time again for another #BeautiesOnFire post, you voted on Twitter and decided that our theme for this week would be bold! Firstly, if you’re unsure as to what this whole #BeautiesOnFire thing is (where have you been hiding?) then please feel free to check out my introduction post below, additionally you may peruse the past few weeks themes.

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Disaster Davis Bold Make Up Beauties On Fire

I feel the best way to correctly and concisely sum up the word bold, is exactly as Google has described it:

1. (of a person, action, or idea) showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous.
2. (of a colour, design, or shape) having a strong, vivid, or clear appearance.

There’s such a huge range of possibilities when it comes to creating a bold make-up look, for me, the perfect idea of bold make-up is to go a little wild with colour on the eyes and to use a darker yet complimentary shade of colour on the lips and that’s exactly what I decided to do today. At first I used a bright green in my outer V of the eyelid, which I blended lightly inward to meet an intense orange, finished off with a bright yellow just in the very inner corner of the eye in order to brighten and enhance. The orange ‘Afterglow’ and yellow ‘Sunrise’ were from the Sleek i-Divine Sunset 568 Palette and the green ‘Green Envy’ were from the Make-Up Revolution London Eyes Like Angels Palette. From the same palette I also used a darker green ‘Emerald Night’ very lightly in the outer V. I simply placed this in a blunt line for added definition, although I blended this well with the ‘Green Envy’ shade. I used ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Green Envy’ underneath my bottom lash line however after arriving at this stage in my look I decided that I really weren’t a fan at all, therefore decided to change my eye make-up entirely, though without taking off the original product beforehand. Yes, this means that my original look were then mixed in with the shades I chose afterwards, of which became my second and final look. Where my greens were I decided to use ‘Skyline’ from the Sleek palette, I then covered over the orange shade with ‘Pink!’ from the Eyes Like Angels palette and used ‘Peacock Dream’ from the same palette in the middle of both colours. I finished this look off with ‘Pink!’ and ‘Skyline’ underneath my lash line and of course my many eyeliners and mascaras!

Usually when applying my lipstick I will use a white kohl liner in order to achieve a lighter coloured gradient in the middle of my lips, today however I decided to use two different lipsticks. I firstly used ‘Mulberry’ in the corners and ‘Smother’ in the middle, of which I then blended appropriately. I much preferred my second look, what do you think to it? For a list of all products used simply keep on scrollin’ baby! (Yes, I did have Limp Bizkit in my mind as I typed that out!)

Disaster Davis Bold Eye Make Up Beauties On Fire

Collection Primed & Ready – Pore Minimiser 1
Bourjois Air Mat Foundation – 03 Light Beige
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair 1
George Silk Finish Pressed Powder – 01 Translucent
Bourjois Bronze & Highlight Duo – 55
Make-Up Revolution London Baked Highlighter – Golden Lights
Sleek Blush – Antique 142
Bourjois Liner Feutre – 14 Noir Moka
Rimmel London Kohl Liner – Pure White 071
Bourjois Liner Feutre – 11 Noir
P.S, Love Liquid Liner – Black
P.S, Love Kohl Liner – Black
Make-Up Revolution London – Eyes Like Angels Palette
Sleek i-Divine – Sunset 568 Palette
Model’s Own Hyper Eyes Mascara – Black
P.S, Love Volumising Ultra Black Mascara
Sleek True Colour Lipstick – Mulberry
Sleek True Colour Lipstick – Smother

That’s all from me for today, I hope you enjoyed my ‘bold’ look, please don’t forget to hop on over to Twitter and help us decide our next theme! Of course, check out all of the delightful #BeautiesOnFire ladies in the link up located at the bottom of Beth’s post! They’re seriously the best bunch of ladies possible and I aren’t saying that simply because I’m biased! What’s your perfect bold look?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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41 thoughts on “#BeautiesOnFire – Bold is Beautiful”

    1. I absolutely adore you Miss. Foust!! Thank you so much sweetie, once again you’ve put a huge smile on my face! I’m absolutely in love with the Sleek Sunset palette, I really am. That and my MURL ones are ridiculously pigmented, they’re dreamy!

    1. Thank you so much!! I usually would do but I completely forgot to and I weren’t going out for very long that day so I weren’t too bothered about the durability! The palettes I used are honestly amazing, SO pigmented it’s unreal!

  1. I really love reading your posts! I also really love how bold this look is, looks quite badass! would you ever wear it out in public? Again, loved this so much!xo

    1. Thank you so much chick, you made me smile so much with this comment, so glad you enjoy my posts. 😀 I went out in the look yesterday right after I did it, only to my friend’s house to try on a bridesmaid dress, but I’d definitely recreate this for a night out or something! xx

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