12 Disaster Davis disclosures you didn’t know before

It’s been some time now since I last published a Q&A or tag post and with the recent gain in followers I thought it would be nice for you to get to know me a little better! So without further ado I took to Twitter to request your involvement and voila, this very post were born!

Disaster Davis Question and Answer

What is your favourite mascara product and why?
I use two pretty much all of the time, but having to choose one it would definitely be the Model’s Own Hyper Eyes, it’s absolutely amazing for separating and lengthening the lashes, I always use this as a base before adding extra volume with my P.S, Love Volumising Ultra Black mascara. Hyper Eyes is perfect for a subtle look.

What gives you the confidence to start a blog?
I wouldn’t really say that confidence were my motivator, rather it were an intense passion and curiosity. I’d been reading blogs and watching people on YouTube for so long that I really wanted to become a part of it all myself, it looked like so much fun. I’ve also wrote ever since I can remember, it’s something that relaxes me and makes me feel much more grounded, I were keen for some form of regular release and there we have it, the two joined together and Disaster Davis were born! I guess when it came down to it I never really thought I’d get that many readers and there aren’t too many people of which I actually know that are aware I blog – that definitely makes it seem less scary!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a blog?
I feel like I could write a whole post on this so I’ll keep my answer as brief as I possibly can! I’d definitely say spend some time thinking about what you’ll write about, what your honest intentions are for blogging, deciding on a name that’s relevant and reflects yourself of which you’re happy with, and research different blogging platforms to pick the right one for you! Blogs do so much better when you post consistently, so I’d put some thought into when you’re going to start blogging and maybe have a few posts already drafted ready for your launch. The start up can be so overwhelming and there’s so many different things that can be done, so it’s great to have the basics covered beforehand. The absolute BIGGEST thing I’d say though, is to have fun with it and enjoy every moment!

What would you say is your main inspiration in life?
Honestly, without meaning to sound conceited, I’d say that for the most part inspiration comes from within. That’s not simply true for only me, either, I believe this to be the case for everyone. After all we’re the owner of our brain processes and thoughts! I have a vast collection of concepts and such, therefore there’s always something that I can pluck out from my mind, even a seemingly insignificant thought I’m able to gain momentum with to build it into an idea of which is something substantial. I’m really lucky in that I have a complex and creative mind.

Outside influences however, definitely has to be my Mom. All that I am I owe to her, she’s been my sole provider in life, brought me up alone from day one and given me absolutely everything possible. She’s gone through a tremendous amount in her lifetime and been dealt some of the worst cards imaginable, but she’s got through every last thing and is still being my muse, my rock and my world. My Mom proves time and time again how strong a person can be and that so many unimaginable things are achievable. I certainly wouldn’t have turned out the person I am today without her love and care, she motivates me to do better and continually improve, to be the best version of me that I can be. Her pride is what pushes me forward time and time again.

Might seem dumb, but what’s your favourite food/drink, how do you like your tea/coffee?
No question is a dumb one! Although I feel it’s quite impossible to pinpoint a particular favourite in food and drink.. I’d probably have to say pizza though, I adore the stuff, and if I were to get bored of one topping choice then I could mix it up with another for a while. My current favourite alcoholic beverage is the red Bulmer’s, mixed berries and lime or something, I believe? I love a good brew though, too! Speaking of which, tea is always my choice as I don’t like coffee, and it’s milky with two sugars, please!

Have you ever done anything embarrassing that still haunts you today?
Yes, definitely. Yes yes and all the yesses. I’m Disaster Davis, I’m constantly doing something to completely humiliate myself! Something that particularly sticks out for me is many many years ago now. I were a teenager and had gone to play Badminton with my eldest niece, nephew and my niece’s friend. During the game, my tracksuit bottoms decided it would be the perfect time to rip, all along the seam from half way up my rear, all the way under then down my thigh. I asked at the leisure centre reception if there were anything they had at all that could help me to cover this, of which they gave me a safety pin. One. One tiny safety pin. It were around an hour before my sister came to pick us all up and of course we had a park visit planned whilst waiting, it’s safe to say that I were mortified, especially passing the skate park full of cute skater guys, which at the time were just my type. Of course now the story just makes me laugh, back then however were another case entirely, I have never wanted the ground to swallow me so much before in my existence! My niece found the whole situation particularly hilarious, of course.

Will you let me out of the friend-zone?
This one actually made me crack up, thank you! You know how much I adore depositing people in the friend-zone, also I’m very happy with the situation I’m in right now. I’m not sure my ‘special friend’ would appreciate me letting people escape the friend zone, sorry pal. *Smirks*

What is your favourite skincare product and why?
I have to admit that I don’t do very much when it comes to skin care, it’s so bad of me! I use Garnier Micellar Water when I’ve been wearing make-up and when I actually remember to do so! I much prefer this over creamier make-up removers because it feels so much cleaner and effective, other products tend to make my skin feel clogged up. My favourite things have to be peel off face masks, though. They’re just so relaxing and I enjoy peeling them off afterwards and seeing the dirt they’ve collected!

What has blogging taught you so far?
It’s definitely taught me that I CAN stick to something if I put my mind to it, this is the longest I’ve kept up with anything, I often get bored of things very easily, or when I fall behind I’ll see it as a fail and give up entirely… Each time I’ve had a bump in the road with the blog I’ve managed to drag myself back to it, which makes me feel so proud! It’s taught me so much more about make-up and helped me to develop my skills, too. I were a complete novice with make-up before Disaster Davis came along and I were reluctant to try new things, now I’ll experiment with styles and products, which I LOVE doing. The blogging world has opened me up to new people and allowed me to make friends with people sharing similar interests to me, showing me that the internet doesn’t always have to be a cruel place – blogging is heaven for me, my safe place.

What are three blogging tools you can’t live without?
I don’t really use many tools as such, but I used to rely hugely on the post scheduling feature for both WordPress and Blogger, I’m sure I will again shortly once I get on top of my posts! I have recently started using a headline analyser that I adore called CoSchedule.. Aside from these I’d no doubt really enjoy Google analytics, if I could get my head around it! I’m quite useless with technology when it comes down to it.

What is your favourite genre of books, and what are your current three must reads?
I can read just about anything and have such a huge and varied collection it’s unreal! I’d definitely have to say that romance is my usual go-to, though. I’m a bit of a closet hopeless romantic at heart! It’s incredibly hard to narrow it down to just three, however my choices would have to be the following:

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes
My Map of You – Isabelle Broom
The Longest Ride – Nicholas Sparks

Name five beauty must haves (one must be drugstore):
Ensuring one of these is drugstore is remarkably easy for me, as literally all five of my choices are drugstore!

Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 Foundation
Collection Pressed Powder
Bourjois Bronze & Highlight Duo
Bourjois Liner Feutre – 14 Noir Moka
Sleek I-divine Eyeshadow Palette – Sunset

Disaster Davis Divulges

So I hope this has entertained you in some way whilst proving to be informative. I’d like to thank you for your involvement and time, either as a reader or by getting involved and asking away! A special thanks to Beth at Everything & Nothin’, Catherine at My Point of Beauty, Katie at Welcome to this, not sure what it is, Connor and James, for their much appreciated help with their fantastic questions. If you have missed out this time fear not, you can always ask me anything and at any time. I will either respond as soon as is possible or simply store the question away to feature it the next time I publish another post of this nature! It’s been a pleasure.

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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8 thoughts on “12 Disaster Davis disclosures you didn’t know before”

  1. Totally love getting to know you more girl! Love your inspiration behind blogging and learning about why you blog!! You go girl!! I totally use 2 mascaras all the time too! I just can’t get my desired lash look with just one haha! I can’t find that perfect one!!

    I also love what you had to say about your inspiration in life! Very well put girl!! I am a HUGE fan of Micellar cleansing water. I am actually working on a post comparing a few different micellar waters haha. Blogging had really improved my makeup skills too girl. I learn so much every single day. I thought I was good at makeup before blogging but now I know I have SO much more to learn!

    I love the Headline Analyzer too! And I totally love Google Analytics, but I agree it is beyond confusing haha! I totally need to take a class on it haha! OO and have your tried Grammarly? That is one of my favorite blogging tools ever! And it is FREE!!

    I love romance novels too! I will forever be a hopeless romantic haha! I love Nicholas Sparks novels so much! He is such an AMAZING author!

    You are totally a girl after my own heart! I am a HUGE fan of drugstore products. The only thing I like high-end products for is skincare and eyeshadows. I also like some high-end foundations. And I LOVE sleek makeup!! They are amazing!!

    Loved all your answers girl!! Sorry for the mile long comment haha!

    1. Eeeeek oh my gosh girl you have made me smile so damn much with this comment it’s unreal! I’m exactly the same, I want my lashes separate but at the same time full of volume and I’ve just not found anything that does both, it’s always one or the other!

      Oo that’s intriguing, I’ll definitely have to check it out! I’m so in need of upping my skin care game, I’m hopeless when it comes to looking after my skin. I can’t imagine you ever not being good at make-up, you’ve got a crazy amount of talent and creativity!

      I’ve probably only been on Google Analytics once, it completely baffled me! I were the same with Pinterest too actually, but it’s so pretty on there, I need to get more used to using it often! I think I’ve heard of Grammarly but I didn’t know it were a blogging tool, I’ll have to have a peek at it, thanks for the heads up!

      Nicholas Sparks is definitely one of my all time favourite authors, he’s incredible! It looks as though his book ‘See Me’ will be my next book review, too, as I’m pretty sure that’s the book which won in my Twitter poll. Now I just need to get on with reading it!

      I used to wear MAC Studio Fix all the time, but I just got so sick of it and I wanted to phase it out anyway because of the animal testing and all of that, now I’ve been playing around with drugstore though and found some really good ones, so chuffed! Literally the only high end product I still use is my Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette, but I tend to use that for special occasions, I’m obsessed with Make-Up Revolution London and Sleek for my eye products! The pigmentation is insane! I really enjoy quite a few Bourjois products too, I’m definitely drugstore obsessed!

      I’m really glad you enjoyed this post, it means the world to me and hey, never be sorry for a long comment! I really enjoyed reading it, gave me something to get my teeth into ha ha! <3

      1. AWWW you’re the best girl!! I totally need to read that Nicholas Sparks book. I have yet to read that one! I can’t wait to hear your review on it!

        OOO which drugstore foundations do you love?

        I love the Urban Decay palettes! They are so amazing!! I have yet to try Makeup-Revolution. I have heard so many amazing things about them and I really need to pick up some stuff!

        And haha girl you crack me up! Love yas!!

        1. It will be up next month, I’d planned to do it at the back end of this month but other posts keep cropping up so I have to switch things around a little ha ha. I’m really looking forward to reading it though, I have SO much I want to read right now it’s unreal.

          I’m really loving the Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1, it saves me so much time not having to use a primer or concealer.. I only use my concealer on my under eye area when I use the Max Factor foundation. I tried out a Bourjois foundation the other day too and I’m rather pleased with how that turned out too, I’m going to do a full review on it sometime next month with some other foundations, it’s so exciting!

          I only have the Naked Smoky but it’s my pride and joy, Make-Up Revolution seriously is amazing, you won’t regret trying it I can assure you! Tehehe I’m glad! Love ya too sweetheart! 🙂

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