New Additions and Twins Galore!

I’m literally so exceptionally enthusiastic about the topic of today’s post! There’s been birthdays and new additions in the Davis family, with twins everywhere! I couldn’t be happier right now and I’ve been itching to write this one, although it’s considerably distant from the fashion and beauty world.

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How Much is My Face Worth?

Hello fellow intelligent life-form!! Please excuse my eccentricity, I’m feeling a little flamboyant this evening, if you hadn’t already noticed. I had something totally different planned for today’s post, but you know, life kind of got in the way, Monday has crept up on me and I weren’t prepared in the slightest! I don’t want to rush a post, I like to give all posts my undivided time and attention, therefore after stumbling upon this lovely little idea elsewhere on the internet, I decided that tonight were the right time for a tag post! It’s been a while!

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Sleek Product Reviews

Alrighty then, normality shall resume after the recent events and changes being nicely out of the way! However, if you haven’t already then please do feel free to head on over to my YouTube channel, I’ll be uploading again tomorrow! As for today I’m excited to be giving you a review on a small collection of products.

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