February Favourites

Has your February been fantastic? I sure hope so. To round off this month’s blog posts I have a fancy little favourites number for you. If you haven’t already then feel free to view my ‘2015 Favourites’ and ‘January Favourites’, of course, not before the completion of reading this one!

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Random Questions Tag

I’m aware that I’ve posted quite an amount of Q&A’s/Tag posts recently, I do hope they aren’t boring for you, although due to things being so crazily busy for me right now I figured that today would be a great time for another one. A good friend of mine tagged me in this on Facebook and what is a better way of completing it, than by blogging this rather than clogging up my Facebook news feed! I were intending for today to be a requested post regarding my recent weight loss, I’d rather give it a little more time though. I hope you will continue reading and get to know me a little more.

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All That Glitters – Vicky Pattison

Alreet pet! Another book review installment for you today! I saw this whilst browsing the shelves at my local Asda and although it sounded pretty good, I were still feeling dubious. This is due to being a book by Vicky Pattison from Geordie Shore, and whilst never really giving the show a fair chance, my opinions of it aren’t all together very high. Uncertainty aside, for my honest opinions on this here fictional account of reality TV, exploring fame, friendships, family, romantic relationships, loyalty and betrayal, then please do continue to peruse this post.

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First Impression Reviews: P.S, Love Range

I haven’t done a first impression review before, therefore please take into account that my first thoughts may change and differ slightly in time, depending on how I may use certain products and such. I recently picked up a few items from Primark’s P.S, Love range and thought it would be a good idea to share my findings with you. If you haven’t already, then you can view the post ‘Money = Shopping, Shopping = Happiness’ to check out some of the things I bought and the prices. Now all that’s left to do is sit back and read my first impressions!

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I Solemnly Swear that I am up to No Good!

Uh oh. I may be developing an obsession for shopping again! In the past week or so I have been to my local Asda store on another book binge, as well as having a mini spending spree with my friend, Riley, last week. If you wish to uncover the magic within this haul then simply grab a butterbeer and fly further into the post!

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Love is in the Air

As it’s Valentine’s Day over the weekend I thought that it would be a perfect time for a post pertaining to this event and today I bring you a Valentine’s Q&A. I have collected some of the questions from various videos on YouTube and have added in some of my own. Basically I have mixed them up a little, I hope you enjoy this post as much as Valentine’s Day itself!

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Brew and Biscuits

Hey! I had originally planned something different for today’s post but because of some very big changes this week I’ve simply not had the time to commit to my posts, unfortunately. It would crush me to have to miss a post, therefore I thought I’d do a little tag post today enabling you to get to know me a little more. I’d been planning on doing this a little later in the month anyway, as I realised I have been blogging now for four months yet have given away very little about myself. I love to read other people’s get to know me tags, after reading a blog for a while you start to feel as though you know the person behind it therefore, it seems only right that you should actually get to know more about THEM rather than simply their favourite make-up brands etc. To learn the dirt on me, grab a brew and some biscuits, get comfortable and continue reading.

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My Model’s Own Experience

It’s always exciting to stumble upon a new place which you have yet to explore, especially when said place is bulging with a vast amount of cosmetics whilst having sincerely delightful staff working their magic on the place and thoroughly looking after their customers. Just to clarify, I haven’t been compensated in any way to write this post, this is simply the result of giving credit where credit is due, as the phrase goes. If you’d like to marvel in the recollection of my Model’s Own experience then please do continue reading.

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Money = Shopping, Shopping = Happiness

Retail therapy is the best therapy, especially when you not only spoil yourself but also get double the treats due to having a marvelous Mom of whom gets an extreme enjoyment from further subsidising your solace. I’ve not been experiencing the best of times of recent therefore she decided that it were time for her to give me a welcome distraction in the form of the White Rose, a shopping centre located in Leeds. Of course because of this, I am now excited to share with you my treasures. Please read on to discover the delights that await.

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